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"And danvers" snapper said; Kara is at Catco wearing a tight black dress highlighting her curves. Her hair is tied up in a tight, professional bun. "You go interview Lena luthor to see if maybe she was responsible for the bomb attack" Not another word, Kara turns around and gets out of the office. She gets her pen and notepad as she heads out to the elevator. Snapper sees Kara leave and says nothing.


Kara knocks on Lena's door.
"Come in" Kara hears her signal to come in and opens the door
"Kara what a nice surprise"
"Hello Lena"
"Well don't you look.......... different"
"Had an improved change"
"I can see, please sit down"
"Don't have to tell me twice"

Lena notices a different tone to her voice and her eyes........ Lena sees that kara's glare isn't gentle and shy but instead confident and a bit cold. Lena loved it somehow.
"So what brings you here?"
"Well my boss wanted me to interview you"
"Wanted?" Lena looks at Kara in a bit of confusion
"Well I didn't come for that exactly, please you think I'll listen to that dickhead well not today"
Lena has a tiny cringe at Kara saying a curse word. She knew Kara enough to know that she never said a curse word.
"Then why did you come?"  Lena stood up from her chair and stood near Kara to hear Kara's answer a bit more clearer.

"Well........" Kara moves towards the door and locks it.
"I'm here to have fun" Lena gets flustered in just the way Kara said it. It made Lena feel a sort of way. Kara turns from the door to face Lena. "Don't you look adorable when you blush, who would of guessed it; a Luthor blushing. That's a new" Lena looks down at the floor to hide just a bit of her rose cheeks.
"What's up with you Kara? And what did you mean when you said 'fun'" Lena looks up once more to see Kara grinning. Lena knows that she likes this side of Kara but just won't admit it.

"Well Lena I know you have a crush on me, but don't worry I have the same emotion" nothing could shock Lena more than what Kara said at that moment. Lena's heart beat faster and she felt like her face was extremely hot. After Kara seeing lena's expression, she walked up to Lena slowly and with her hips going side to side. Lena saw her suductive walk and just couldn't keep her eyes away from her hips. Lena backed up to see Kara walk for a bit longer. Suddenly something stopped Lena from backing up any longer; her desk. Once Kara was in Lena's personal bubble, Kara looked at Lena

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