what had to be done

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"I will Alex, I will never harm Kara"

Those words of reassurance made Alex feel a bit relived but not much. All the possibility that can occur with kryptonite in front of Kara was terrifying to Alex. The worst thing is that Alex knew this was the only way to stop her.
"Winn have you located Kara?"

"Duh, she at the power plant"

"Get all agents to the power plant, now!" Hank yelled so that everyone can hear in the DEO. Hank looked at Alex. He could see the pain and anxiety in her eyes. "I'm sorry Alex, this is the only way"

"I know, I know" she was about to cry but she held her tears in because she didn't want people from the DEO to see her cry, to see her only weakness. Her own sister
"hank lets go, I'll be fine"

                     -Power plant-
Finally they arrived at the power plant. As they pulled up Alex could already hear all the damage Kara was doing. They all got out but, of course, Alex was the first. Her eyes were on Kara. Her kryptonian sister was dressed in a black suit with a red "S" on her top left shoulder. Exactly what Astra wore when...... Alex killed her. Her heart sunk a little bit because she didn't want the same fate to happen to Kara.

Before she could finish her thoughts Kara looks at Alex, her eyes full of anger and cockiness, a look she never saw in Kara. This only scared Alex because all she was used to was a shy, clam, polite Kara, this is most definitely something new.

"Agent Alex danvers, what a surprise.. well..... not really."
A sudden cage sprung out of nowhere and caught Alex in with a few of other agents. Kara chuckled a little at her dumbfounded sister. Clutching to the bars until her knuckles turned white, she glared at Kara, her evil grin that reminded her of astra. Kara noticed her.

"You look a bit afr- oh my clothes, don't worry I'm not astra, I'm better and I'll do more than get killed by someone like you."

"Ka- supergirl look please releases all these people, you only want me; not them" Alex said hoping she could let her co-workers go.

"Partly true but I get to have more fun with more than just one"
A sudden burst of wind brushed Alex, when all the dust cleared from the air; she felt hope. She saw jonn, with a shard of kryptonite in his hand. Alex's heart pounded out of her chest knowing if it got to far......... no Alex she won't die, trust jonn. He knows what he is doing. A voice inside Alex's head reassured her but that didn't beat the fact that kryptonite can kill supergirl, her sister.

A crash was heard, Alex exited her own thoughts. While Kara was distracted fighting hank, she got a laser, hot enough to burn through metal, and made a way for her to exit. Jonn was on the ground but looked determined to not give up.

Each directed hit that supergirl took looked like it had more affect to her since hank opens his had a bit more to expose a bit more kryptonite each time.

Jonn was on the ground, limping a bit as he got up. "Alex here, catch" A gun was thrown,but not any ordinary gun; it had a green glow to it, she swallowed a bit when she realized what it was.

"Alex, I know it's going to be hard but it won't kill Kara; I reduced the effects of the kryptonite just enough to leave her weaker for a few hours" Those words helped just a bit but not enough to shot a kryptonite blast at her own sister. You have no other choice Alex, do it please; it's the only way to stop her from being like this. A voice was heard in her head but it wasn't her reassurance voice it was jonn's. His telepathy words caused Alex to point her gun right at Kara.

"Oh no I'm so scared" Kara mocked. Alex furrowed her brows and pulled the trigger. Kara collapsed in pain, putting her hand where she was shot.
"Let's get her in a cell, oh and Alex; I'm really proud of you"

WELL WELL I FINALLY UPDATED!!!!! I'm so terribly sorry I haven't been updating but I made it up to you (hopefully) and made this chapter longer than usual. I'm actually working on making each chapter longer but I really hoped you enjoyed!!!!

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