2. day

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"Did you get my letter?" Jimin asked her unemotionally as he reached up to her.

"Yes. I did. It's stupid if you ask me each time...." she slammed her locker door.

Jimin immediately felt sad. He felt guilty for always asking the same questions.
"Im sorry," he spoke, but only in his head.

She turned her back towards him in an attempt to walk away without any answer.

But Jimin stopped her.

"Will you eat lunch with me?" He asked, holding his hands behind his body... nervously fidgeting his fingers.

She raised an eyebrow. "No. Learn basic communication manners first."

And there she walked away....

Jimin's legs were shaking only because of his mental breakdown now that he overthought the fact that she rejected him.

"Im useless, im useless, im useless," he constantly repeated in his head.

No-one paid attention to him.

Students were passing by him as if he was invisible.

But how could they notice a boy without emotions?

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