8. what

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Jimin sat in his room thinking about ways to die, but his mind was mostly filled with questions.

She doesn't like me back does she?

Probably not.

I am way too useless...

Its better to die than have this unrequited love.

He wrote a last letter to her before his goodbye.

He reached up to the window of his room.

The moment he looked down.... he knew the end was near...

Jimin put a leg over the edge.....

only until...

Y/N was walking by his house.... casually.

And ended up seeing him.

"JIMIN! WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!" she ran towards his window.

But he was so high up that she had to yell.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING????" she yelled at him from down there.

He was shocked to see her.

Jimin immediately put his feet back inside the room.


"NO. No no no," he cut off quickly and waved his hands in defense.

But Y/N was aware of what she saw.

"Jimin please don't do that..."

Right. As if I matter.

"I am serious," she said once more before silence hit them.

Jimin was just looking down at her while she was pondering over something in her head.

"I have a letter for you."

Jimin's eyes glistened with her words.

"But I won't give it to you," she added.

"Why not?" Jimin questioned.

"It's not the right time. Maybe later?"

"I didn't think you would want to talk to me anymore. I am just an idiot,"

She sighed and glanced away guiltily.

"Hey Jimin!"


"Can I come to your room?"

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