13. rejected

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"Jimin..." she spoke quietly as she saw him walk down the hallway of the school.

He saw her, and heard her..

But he looked away.

He ignored her.

She pulled his arm, and brought him to her locker.


"What are you doing?! Your friends will see you with me!" He exclaimed.

"Jimin please.. don't kill yourself," she said as if she was worried.

Jimin looked down at the floor as if he was guilty of such thoughts.

Which he most certainly was.

"Jimin. Are we friends?" She brought his face up so he could look at her.

"I don't think we are friends."


"I'm just a ghost. People don't care if I exist or not."

"What? Why are you thinking that now..."

"Just go to class, Y/N."

And there... he walked away.

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