11. when

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He took her out on a date.

He was scared to talk again. He was constantly afraid of rejection.

He was constantly confused of his own emotions.

"Do you do anything other than think about me?" she asked pettily as they were walking together out in town.

It was dark out, and not a lot of people were around.

"I practice on talking nicely," he responded.

"Yeah you need some of that practice.....," she paused, "But i dont get it."

"I can explain... or try to.." he suggested... his hands in his pockets.

"OKay tell me."

"I have feelings, but something always scares me when I try to express them..."

"Like what do you mean?"

"Like.... being happy or sad or things I want to say... I just can't get them out,"

"Is it a fear?"

He nodded.

"Fear always gets the best of me."

"I am glad you allowed yourself to explain," she smiled at him and pat his shoulder as they were walking.

Jimin looked down at the ground, and smiled a little bit....

"Jimin.. I don't think that you should love me," she spoke before letting out a sigh.


She stayed silent..

She knew the reason to her suggestion.

But how can she say it to him..

When she knew that he would probably hurt himself mentally, and physically.

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