16. ParkJimin

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Before I die,

Hey baby.

or should I say? bye baby..

I mean..

life was really shitty.

when you read my letters I was the happiest.

but when you sent me letters back...

i always regretted everything ive done and said..

its not your fault.

its my fault for being an idiot.

either way..

i love you...

like i a lot : D

I hope we can meet in heaven, but i probably wont even end up there.

im too useless to be between angels ..

but yeah.

its the end.

i dont deserve you.

you are precious





thats why i loved you so much

i really hoped you would love me back

i knew from the start that you wouldn't.

but it hurts when you dont understand me

no-one understands me

no-one will ever understand me...



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