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specks of fire float around the large, spacious hall that all the trainees were piling into. all types of people have joined this year, around 1000 people. they come from everywhere; england, mexico, nambia, saudi arabia, korea, france, antartica. maybe not the last, but you get what i mean. they're all different, some black, white, asian, mixed; some brown hair, blonde, green, red, rainbow; some gay, straight, asexual; females, males, genderfluid. the one thing they all have in common - they earned their place in hell. except one, jungkook has no idea why he's here - supposably overusing dead memes is a ticket to hell now.
those who committed severe sins, broke the commandments, like murder, etc. go to the punishment chamber. whereas those who commited minor sins end up becoming demons. as heaven is so selective - most people go to purgatory but there you don't live as long. maybe 30-40 years.
to be a demon, is the hardest thing anyone can ever take part in. most don't survive and end up in the abyss that is nothing. the fights you have to take parts in, the missions, the training, everything.

taehyung walks around the hall trying to find where group one has to meet up. there are 10 groups in total, each with 90-100 people. he looks a frantically around for the sign or namjoon. 5 minutes until he will be thrown out of training.
he walks into something soft and squishy, looking forwards he sees a young male with a coconut hair and a smirk stands there. the male's eyes travel up and down taehyung's body, registering everything.
"s-sorry! i wasn't looking." taehyung quickly apologises, feeling uncomfortable from the stare he's getting from the other male.
"better look where you're going next time," the male lurks over taehyung, an aura of authority and pride around him, "you're lucky, i'm not my father! now go to your group." the male walks over muttering a 'bloody trainees these days' that is almost inaudible.
just before the time limit, taehyung finds group one. most people are there - maybe 10 not arrived yet. he sees namjoon leaning on the wall talking to the male he ran into earlier. the unnamed male glances over and catches taehyung staring.
"oi, not you again." the male shouts at taehyung, causing namjoon's attention onto him - along with a couple of hundred people glancing over at the commotion.
"taehyung." namjoon smiles and beckons taehyung over to them, jungkook just grunts unamused.
"why that kid?" he says looking over at taehyung who is shuffling over to them. taehyung is acting differently to yesterday, and he didn't understand why.
"what'd he do to you to make you dislike him already?" namjoon asks, looking at taehyung with slight sympathy.
"he ran into me, that's what he flipping!" namjoon laughs at the younger's pettiness.
"i-i said i was sorry." taehyung mumbles, sadly more audible than he wants it to be. jungkook is about to send him out - but namjoon cuts in just beforehand.
"right. let's start!"

everyone crowds around namjoon and jungkook, all impatient for the start. excluding one, taehyung. ask how he's feeling, you'll get the answer of 'can i just disappear?'. he didn't sign up for this, actually, when he died he thought he would go to heaven - having lived a completely pure life. he didn't even succumb to any of the deadly sins. growing up in a religious orphanage - he never knew anything that wasn't to do with religion or school. music, only hymns! he died young - age 22, he was a priest in training and would be for a lot of his life. he never went to university, school, he had no friends. all he had was god, and even he never gave him luck.
so ending up in hell, he panicked. what did he do wrong? would the carers be angry with him?
"listen up people!" namjoon claps loudly, pulling taehyung out his daydream. "before we start we're going to do bonding exercises!" he looks around at the trainees, looking for someone to start at. "actually, jungkook you start and we'll go anti-clockwise."

"i'm jungkook, you may know me as lucifer or satan and i've lived in hell my whole life!" jungkook smiles at everyone.
'fudgeballs! i ran into satan of all people' taehyung 'curses' in his mind.
around twenty people have gone before taehyung, but now it is his turn.
"i'm taehyung, and i was a priest-in-training," he mumbles the last part, embarrassed by being a priest in hell.
"what was that last part, a priest?" jungkook laughs, thinking taehyung is joking when he nods in reply his laughter turns to confusion. "so, what are you doing down here?"
a mixture of quiet 'errr', 'um' and 'not sure's escape taehyung's mouth, shouldn't he know why i'm down here?
jungkook just walks up to him and whispers something into his ear.
when they'd gone through everyone, namjoon explains everything they're going to do during training and how many people will get through. he says the jobs that you can get and some other irrelevant stuff. irrelevant for taehyung at least.
the first test, to kill a human. this, this is why seokjin hates jungkook's training system. jungkook deliberately made this first to annoy his cousin.
"w-what?" taehyung mumbles, unable to comprehend the task. murder. a person. that's not happening. murder is against the commandments, and he will not break them, earth or hell.

taehyung walks down the stairs to earth, namjoon in front of him - jungkook behind him. they are there to make sure everyone completes the task. approximately 100 people rush down the stairs and fall into the atmosphere, where they don't stop until they hit a field. taehyung recognised it almost immediately. when taehyung was 6, his orphanage had taken them on a trip to a 10th-century church in england, this is a farm near the church 'st. mary's'. why are they here though?
in front of them, there is a prison. it's quite new - less than 10 years.
that's what they're doing here.


chapter 2 done.

also no relious hate meant, please don't take this wrongly. the reason i chose christianity is because i'm catholic and have the most knowledge on christianity than any other religion and i don't want to butcher someone else's beliefs.

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