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taehyung jumps on the back of his boyfriend, namjoon. two years today taehyung had chosen to stay in hell with namjoon, and namjoon asked him out straight afterwards. but today, today taehyung had massive plans.

he has already visited heaven to see his friends, jimin and hoseok, one was very happy to see him but the other was a bit off. he had scars down his body, that were very visible. taehyung was escorted by seokjin and two guards so he wouldn't cause any more trouble in the place.

namjoon sits down opposite taehyung in the restaurant they are eating in to celebrate this anniversary. the happiness in the two clearly radiating around to the other demons around them. namjoon had been promoted to the council board heads by jungkook, and his now wife yoongi.
the last two years has had a lot happen after all. taehyung's wings are half changed, but will never go any further. but, namjoon loves the grey gradient from white to black, so he can't complain. it makes taehyung special.
taehyung has been made a diplomat for hell, being sent around heaven and purgatory a lot now with his new job. he meets a lot of weird, one-of-a-kind people as well as some friends from his past life. he found out that seungkwan had died around a year after him and is now on the relations board for heaven, so they see eachother quite a lot.

taehyung fidgets in his seat, if he gets the correct time for this he might get free pudding (and who wouldn't want free pudding?). he smiles nervously at people around him as he eats his main meal, the delicious fried lemon sole going down his esophagus, being pushed down by lots of muscle. but nows not time for a biology lesson, is it, there is much more important events happening at the moment.

when taehyung finishes his meal he places his knife and fork straight up in the middle of the plate to show respect before going down on one knee to face namjoon.
only namjoon isn't there, but also on one knee on the floor. the two both have rings in their hands.

the two love-birds burst out laughing as the sit up.
"i guess that's a yes to a question i never asked, but you do the honours tae-tae. it's your turn after all." namjoon smiles, his beautiful dimples that make taehyung fall head-over-heels on show.
taehyung nods as he gets on one knee.

"kim namjoon, i have known you for almost three years now. at the beginning you may have walked in on me naked and do not think i never saw you checking me out. you might have kind of cheated my training and got told off for it. i kind of gave up my life in heaven for you but i really love you and i forgot what i was going to say due to nerves. oh no i rambling again, oh erm... what's the question?
oh, yea.

kim namjoon, will you marry me?"

there isn't even a pause after the question finishing and the answer.

i'm just joking namjoon says "yes."

"do you, kim namjoon, take kim taehyung as your wife?" yoongi asks looking at the male, who's hair is dyed black.
"i do." he smiles at taehyung.
"and do you, kim taehyung, take kim namjoon to be your lawfull wedded husband?" yoongi asks the now blonde-haired male.
"i do." taehyung smiles back.
"you may no- oh guys too soon! oh god seriously do that in a room guys, no one wants to see you two eating eachother out!" yoongi complains, shielding his eyss with his hands.

"well you two literally had sex in front of all your wedding guests!" taehyung comments back at yoongi, making the elder blush profusely. it wasn't a lie.

"happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to kim mingyu, happy birthday to you!" the children, and adults, sing to the now five-year-old child of taehyung and namjoon. his younger brother, kim taeyong, being bottle fed by taehyung. he squirms a bit in his father's hold.

"i love you, joonie~"

"i love you too, tae-tae."


ok i'm dead that was soft i apologise.

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