Chapter Twenty-Five

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Xavier's words continued to ring in my ears, echoing all the way down to my stomach and bursting into a beast that clawed at my insides. I couldn't believe the words he had just spoken. He had told me that if I simply chose to stay, I will become his family. His family. And that I will have to lead beside him. He was completely out of his mind to believe I possessed the power to lead in whatever business he was involved with. I could barely lead my own life, let alone serve the protection of an entire state.

Subconsciously, I began to state all the reasons why I was a no-fit for the position. As badly as I wanted to stay by Xavier's side and never leave, as badly as I wanted to become his family, I knew deep down that I was not worthwhile. I couldn't help him protect his home. I could barely protect my own friends, could barely protect myself.

I pulled myself away from where I stood, stepping further and further until I was at least four feet away from Xavier. He straightened his back, frowning as he studied my expression. I began shaking my head frantically, my hair bouncing off my shoulders.

"I can't do that, Xavier." I whispered, a huge lump forming in my throat. "I can't lead beside you, it's not in my power. I don't understand any of that." I let out a dark chuckle. "I could barely protect myself." My eyes met his silver gaze, studying me patiently as I continued to ramble on. "I'm no fit for that position."

Xavier took a step forward as he reached out for me. But instantly, my hand came up to halt him in his tracks, asking him to stay put. "No."

His confused gaze met mine, and it broke my heart to watch the sliver of pain flash behind his eyes at my rejection.

"I don't understand what's going on, why I feel the way I do whenever you're around me. We have barely had enough chance to get to know each other, but it's like you have this unexplainable influence on me and my emotions, I feel imprisoned in your presence." The growing lump in my throat was beginning to restrict my ability to speak, and so I shut my mouth, feeling my chest ache.

"I understand-" Xavier began to speak lowly, but I shook my head.

"No, you don't-"

"Yes, I do." He insisted, reaching out for me once again. Before I had the chance to pull back, my hand was already captured in his. A bundle of sparks shot up my arm, leaving a tingling sensation where his skin connected with mine. His eyes moved down to where our hands entwined, and he raised both our hands up to our eye-level. "You feel that?" My eyes widened at his words. "I feel it, too."

I couldn't help it as my eyes began to water, both as the result of everything that had gone down that day and also for the relief that he reciprocated my feelings. I couldn't believe he felt it, too.

"You are right, Nora. It is unexplainable. Although we have barely had the chance to properly know one another, you have a power over me that I never imagined another mortal to possess. Only I don't mind feeling imprisoned by your presence, because I accept the fact that I am completely at your mercy."

I couldn't help the gasp that escaped my lips, only it came out so distorted it sounded like a sob. My emotions were in a whirlwind. I didn't know it was humanly possible to feel so deeply as I was at that moment.

"The only explanation that I can offer is that we are soulmates, Nora. We complete one another," Xavier whispered, his other hand coming up and his finger brushing gently against my cheek.

I was surprised to find that he believed in soulmates; I hadn't met a guy who ever did.

"I realize I might have said a bit too much for one day, that it might have scared you away. Maybe I should have left the last part for another time." He gave me a small smile, his eyes twinkling.

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