Chapter Thirty-Six

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The slight motion as I was carried away from my position on the couch slowly began to pull me away from unconsciousness, and I gradually became aware of my surroundings. The familiar warmth of strong arms wrapped around my body, igniting sparks that shot down every nerve in my being, was the first thing that came to my senses.

Then I felt the warmth connecting with my right cheek as I was brought closer to my carrier's chest, and I felt the butterflies erupt in my stomach. Instantly, my eyes shot open. And I found myself glancing upwards into the eyes of the most striking silver.

Xavier smoothly carried me in his arms and began to walk away from my position on the living-room couch, where I - along with a couple others - had fallen asleep after the fourth Harry Potter movie.

My eyes widened as they connected with his, and I saw the small, warm smile curving up his lips. Instantly, my arms shot up and curled around his neck, bringing him to me as I embraced him tightly. The motion took Xavier by surprise, and he let out a low groan as he steadied us so I wouldn't fall to the ground.

I squeezed my arms around him tightly, the relief of having him back safe and sound overpowering my senses. He let out a slight chuckle, his hand gently squeezing my waist in reassurance.

When I let him go, he pulled back to give me a heart-clenching grin.

"It's good to see you, too."

He carried me away from the living room, smoothly ascending the stairs as if he wasn't carrying my heavy weight in his arms, and headed towards the room I was staying in.

All the while, my eyes continued to scan every inch of his body that I was able to view - checking for any possible injuries; but surprisingly, he bore none.

The warmth that radiated off his body left me as he gently set me on the bed.

"Go back to sleep," he ordered softly; but there was no way that I could've fallen back asleep. I sat upright in bed, reaching for his hand just as he began to turn away.

"No," I pulled him down, directing him to sit in front of me - which he did. "What happened? Are you okay? I heard a large group of your men also joined you. Are they all right? How did it go?" I rushed as my questions came pouring out.

Xavier shook his head, "I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, go to sleep now." He prepared to get up but I grabbed his hand, clutching it tightly, and yanked him back down. Xavier's eyes widened at the sudden aggressiveness, sitting back down and staring at me bemusedly.

"No, don't leave." I pleaded. "Do you seriously think I'll be able to fall back asleep, now?" I scoffed.

He raised an eyebrow. "Well... I guess not?"

I sighed deeply, my patience fed up. "What happened?"

Xavier rubbed at the slight stubble growing on his chin, inhaling in preparation.

"We took care of everything. You don't need to ever worry about them again."

I frowned, digesting his words. "T-they're gone?" I carefully chose my words, afraid that a sudden revelation of Xavier having ended someone's life might shock me into silence.

Xavier nodded stiffly, his jaws clenched tightly.

"Tell me how."

The request even took me by surprise.

His eyes shot up to mine and widened in shock. He raised an eyebrow in questioning.

"I want to know every detail," I continued, but he instantly began to shake his head in disapproval, a slight frown creasing the skin between his eyebrows.

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