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Centuries prior to the Europeans' discovery of the land of opportunities, a close-knitted community resided on a land ruled by three leading families; the Kanuho's, the Tapaha's, and the Secatero's.

Imbued with a sacred form of undying loyalty to their homeland, the place that gave to them unconditionally and helped nurture their souls and those of their ancestors, the chiefs of all three families swore to an oath of protection, one that was to be passed down to each upcoming generation, that they must fight against all vices that may befoul the very soil that sheltered them.

But they were mere men, carrying no advantage nor power, driven solely by their sheer determination and undying loyalty.

The Alpha of the Kanuho's, accompanied by his Beta and Gamma, traveled a distance of hundreds of miles to seek the aid of a four-hundred years-old infamous witch. They spoke to her of their concerns, to which she brewed them a potion made of the hearts of the most ferocious breed of black wolves.

The first phase of their shift into a stronger breed of men, was physical. Their dull brown eyes turned the brightest shade of silver, and their built grew to twice the size of their average healthy man. Their senses grew as did their physique, and they could hear the crunching footsteps of approaching men from all the way across their village.

They grew to possess superhuman strength, impeccable speed, and the greatest gift of all, was their ability to mentally communicate with their spirit animal - the wolf.

These inhumane powers, these gifts that the Elders had been blessed with, could not be taken for granted; and hence the Alpha, along with his Beta and Gamma, had one more request that the Witch should include in their potions, and it was that their powers be passed down onto their first-born sons indefinitely, be that their descendants continue the fight for the honor and safety of their homeland with the same powers they possessed.

But to add that request into the equation, the Witch had to add a factor that ensures the bloodlines never reach an end; a single, lifelong mate for each Elder, as well as their descendent protectors.

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