Chapter Twenty-Nine

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We spent the next five days cramped up within the cabin, searching for a new activity each day to help keep our minds off of the oncoming troubles. We watched an endless amount of movies, while Seth and Bella divulged in their cooking skills and produced mouthwatering dishes every day.

Occasionally, we had company; Vincent, Scarlett, and Levi. They visitied us twice within our stay to introduce themselves again as well as keep us some company. On their first visit, I had watched as everyone in the room visibly tensed as soon as their eyes lay on Vincent, but it wasn't long before Xavier cleared things up and informed them all of who Vincent truly was, and how his infamous reputation came to be. Although Elliot was still skeptical, he chose to give him a chance since he was the right hand to the only man whom had the potential to keep us safe within these times.

As for Ariel, I was surprised to find her immediately clicking with Scarlett. They both seemed to have similar traits, both bubbly and loud. However, I wasn't sure how she reacted to their relationship because she kept avoiding Vincent's gaze throughout the entire night.

On the sixth day, we were gathered around the living-room in the early afternoon watching an episode of some random sitcom playing on the plasma TV, when the front door was unlocked with a slight creak and shoved open. Our attention was diverted towards the action and we were greeted by a weary-eyed Xavier walking into the cabin, accompanied by a rigid Vincent. Their postures and expressions instantly grabbed my attention for being completely out of the ordinary. Xavier's eyes were clouded over from exhaustion and his hair was slightly ruffled.

I stood up along with Elliot to greet them. When Xavier's eyes fell on me, they softened up a bit.

"Morning, everyone." Seth grabbed the remote control and switched off the TV, everyone in the room's attention fully diverted towards Xavier as he spoke. "There have been some updates and it's best that I inform you of what went down."

We nodded expectantly, waiting for him to continue. Xavier strolled over to a single couch and plopped down on it, gesturing to Elliot and I to also return to our previous seats. We did as told.

"Last night, my men were able to trace down the intruders and things took a violent turn," he began to explain. "Long story short, the third-in-command of our rival pack had been shot dead along with a number of his followers."

My eyes widened, and simultaneously gasps echoed around the room.

"Wait, what?!" Elliot exclaimed, fuming. His eyes were narrowed dangerously. "You do realize what that brings upon us, don't you?" To which Xavier's head fell to the floor and with a clenched jaw, he slowly nodded.

I glanced between them nervously. "What does that mean?" I asked.

Xavier rubbed his hands, hesitating to answer me. "It means we need to set a bigger protection detail on you guys, until things come to a complete end."

I heard someone scoff from the other side of the room. "And when will that be, exactly?" Noah asked furiously.


I breathed in sharply, my eyes taking in everyone's reaction. Ariel was in a shocked state, her mouth slightly open as she looked around the room, while Bella and Seth were fighting hard to maintain a calm expression.

The closer we were coming to an end to this whole mafia-revenge war the more dangerous it was getting, and a deep feeling of dread was settling in my chest as I begged myself to continue clinging onto the bit of faith I had in Xavier keeping us all safe.

"I can't stress this enough, but it's important that you all remain within the estate's premises as it is guarded all around and we need to be able to keep an eye on you."

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