Requests [CLOSED]

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Leave your requests here.

I do mostly anything, but I'm rarely motivated so understand it may be a wait.

If it's really kinky then I may not do certain aspects of your request, not because I'm against a kink or anything. Purely because I had tried writing it and it made me too uncomfortable, or I just can't wrap my head around it.

Please don't request on other shots, I won't read them or I'll only read them as continuations (extra parts to that shot)

Also the menu here is merely a suggestion, it's not a form to fill, it's just an example of what and how much you can request :)


CHARACTER - can be any character, (aged up if needs be) and can be multiple characters

GENRE - ❤fluff/💙angst/💛smut/💚lime💜songfics/🤍platonic/🖤yandere

READER - type of reader, they are all male semes (tops), but you can request like characteristics or types of dom

PLOT - if you have any particular ideas in mind, or would like me to use AUs or Canon theories

CLOSED AS OF 07/06/2022⚠️

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