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12  /  the alpha ❫
━━━━ ❛ sometimes
being brave is stupid.❜
volume 1 , season 6

     ›  LEAVE IT TO DEAN TO TRY avoiding his problems, only for the universe to slap him across the face with it. In this case, it was going back to Lisa's and talking to Olive. Instead, she was in front of him, a backpack and a bashful smile on her face. Still, Dean tried to stay firm, his hand on his waist as he glared between the six year old and the Angel beside her.

"What the hell, Cas?!" Dean bellowed, motioning between them, both holding the same blank expression, "You can't just pluck Olive out the house without a warning!"

The duo glanced at each other, silently agreeing not to tell Dean about their runaway situation until later.

"If you want me to help Sam, then I'm going to need her help." Cas defends, taking off his belt. "If not this will be unpleasant."

Sam pushes back against the rope for distance, "Wha━? Uh━."

"Bite down on this." Cas doesn't give Sam the option, he just shoves it into his mouth and rolls up his own sleeves.

Olive turns to Dean, "Dad━"

"One this is done, you're going back to Lisa's." Dean firms, walking around the table to lean on the kitchenette.

Olive goes to follow, "But━?"

"Olive, grab his head." Castiel commands.

She groans, running back "Sorry," She dismissed, not sounding really sorry as she stood on her tippy-toes and put her hands on the sides of his head, "Ready."

"If there's some place that you find soothing, you should go there in your mind." Cas says to him lightly, he then turns to Olive, "If you can't hold it, let me know."

She furrows her brows, opening her mouth to question what he meant but he had already plunged his hand into Sam's chest. The hunter starts to shake, and Olive now understood what he meant.

She could sense where Cas's hand scans and grabs for something that isn't there. She pushes her power towards it, building around Castiel's energy a stone wall.

Sam stops thrashing, and his breathing shakes softly with discomfort as Olive wrapped around the place his soul was meant to be, stopping Cas from ripping apart the home his soul was meant to be, as he continued to search for it. 

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