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❪ 13 / the king of hell ❫━━━━ ❛ think i'd shoot a kid?❜volume 1 , season 6

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13 / the king of hell ❫
━━━━ ❛ think i'd 
shoot a kid?❜
volume 1 , season 6

     › OLIVE RUBS HER LITTLE SWEATY PALMS on the fronts of her jeans, her eyes scanning the hallways. She was waiting for something scary to pop out, like the final girls in all the horror movies she and Dean watched.

Lisa thought it was odd that a monster hunter and a supernatural child found genuine suspense in campy eighties horror movies. But Dean and Olive bonded over the idea of the bad guys always losing. 

Olive felt that feeling now. Yeah, she was scared as shit for a six year old playing cat and mouse with the very first Vampire to walk the Earth, but if there was anything she knew about her dad Dean? It's that they'll win.

Gwen walked beside her, gun raised. She kept glancing at the little girl, she was cautious of her. Which Olive found funny because she was half her side and wearing sparkly pink shoes.

They hadn't spoken to each other, which was fine because Olive was too busy worrying if her dad and Sam were okay. They were running straight for the Alpha, while she and Gwen walked the perimeter.

Gwen looks down at Olive, face blank, "Dean's so uptight, I would've never guessed he'd let his six year old run around hunting monsters. Then again, it's a Campbell thing, starting them young."

Olive shifts awkwardly, "I'm not a Campbell."

"Campbell blood is Campbell blood, even if it's not your last name," Gwen corrects.

"No, I mean, I'm adopted."

Her face scrunches. "Oh," She shifts away. Olive takes it as a sign to squeeze her knife tighter. 

Dean warns her not to talk about her bloodline with others. He tells her that the Winchester name will protect her among hunters. If they find out she's more than that, she'll lose her safety among the hunters that kill people like her.

"Dean's my dad," Olive adds quickly, "He protects me." 

Gwen took that as a warning, "I overhead Samuel say something about Angels and you. Are you some kind of Angel baby?"

"No. ." Olive says, "I don't have wings."

She hums, "There's definitely more to you. I saw you levitating that knife in the woods. There have been theories about you, but no one really knows. What are you? A baby witch?"

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