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❪ 14 /  shapeshifter ❫━━━━ ❛ swear

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14 / shapeshifter ❫
━━━━ ❛ swear.❜
volume 1 , season 6

     › OLIVE SAT ACROSS SAM AT FAT MACK'S, a fast food place just off the highway of Buffalo. She's drawing on the kid's menu while he picked at his salad. Dean was in line, getting Olive's food. Sam watched as she drew outside of the lines, creating a picture that looked nothing like the Pig on the paper.

"You know the point of coloring is to do it inside of the lines, right?" Sam questioned.

Olive places down the brown crayon, grinning ear to ear as she held up her drawing. "Look, It's you. ." She points at the large stick figure with long wavy hair and a poor attempted at a flannel shirt. "And this is me!" She points to the little stick figure beside him. "Like it?" Her eyes locked on him, practically vibrating from excitement as she waited for his answer.

Sam looked between Olive and the drawing, forcing a small smile on his face. He knew deep down that old Sam would've loved that picture, and probably colored with her, but this Sam couldn't find it in himself to care about Olive Grace or anything that she did.

Sam had told Dean countless times that having Olive around was a waste of space. He had told Dean that just because they had a bond doesn't mean he had to keep her around, he had even suggested dropping Olive off at Bobby's or an orphanage, but Dean would pull a gun on him every time.

"It's nice." He says, uninterested. Instantly looking back down at his salad. Olive sighed, softly pushing the crayons and paper away from her.

"I know, Bobby, but there's gotta be another way." Dean talks on the phone as he made his way over to the table, trying to balance both plates and the phone between his ear and shoulder. "I don't know, keep digging. I mean, if Crowley thinks we're just gonna--"

"Crowley thinks you're gonna what, Dean?" The familiar accent made Sam and Olive freeze on the spot. Crowley stands right beside Dean, a little too close for the Hunter's liking. "Is that Bobby Singer? Give him a kiss for me."

He then struts over to the table, plopping down beside Sam who looked completely uncomfortable.

"Hello, Olivia." He greets cheerfully. Olive scrunches her face, grabbing the opened salt package on the table and flinging the condiments in his direction. He sighs. "That only works for Ghost."

She frowns. "Aw, man."

"Anyway. Good news, boys. I've got a job for you." He says.

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