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Our Ordinary Lives by CoteEnjoyer
Our Ordinary Livesby God Emperor of Cote
A fanfiction that follows the basic story of ANHS from the light novels, but now Ai Hoshino is attending as a Class D student. This is mainly adapted from the LN of cote...
COTE\OC Unpolished Diamond Year 2 by Ryuzu__
COTE\OC Unpolished Diamond Year 2by Ryuzu__
After his first year at the Advanced Nurturing High School, Fukazawa Yato is about to start his second year as a student. With a better understanding of the situation an...
Classroom Of The Elite: A Underdog No More by amidmars32
Classroom Of The Elite: A Underdog...by amid mars 32
This is a story which takes place right after the year 2 test results In this story the kei confession scene never takes place The cover picture is not mine ctto The c...
Classroom of the Elite: OC the unpolished diamond by Ryuzu__
Classroom of the Elite: OC the unp...by Ryuzu__
Fukazawa Yato is forced to go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. Even if he had no motivation to go at the beginning, that will change more as ti...
COTE: Undead Nightmare by ZIZ-140
COTE: Undead Nightmareby ZIZ ZIZ
This is a Fanfic where a Zombie Apocalypse happens and Ayanakoji will be placed in it. It will take place right after Y2 V2 Fanfic based on: Classroom of the elite A...
Saiki in Classroom of the elite. by galexywolfdragon
Saiki in Classroom of the elite.by galexy wolf dragon
Saiki wakes up in a strange world with no idea how he got there .He realises that the only school left to apply for is the advanced nurturing high school. When he goes t...
Dimensions of COTE by Overshades
Dimensions of COTEby Similarly Leaf
This story will take upon an unique twist of having various other anime characters involved in the story of Classroom of the Elite, enjoy!
Welcome to the class of excellence: Cold Look [Third Year] by ersult4z
Welcome to the class of excellence...by ersult4z
The second year of study at Kodo Ikusey ended well. Further, having moved to the third year of training, our main character, Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, will face an even more s...
Genius Within The Shadows  by SandroSamer
Genius Within The Shadows by Sandro Samer
A boy Who's job is to destroy Ayankoji
Different heroine (V2) (Rewrite) by ZIZ-140
Different heroine (V2) (Rewrite)by ZIZ ZIZ
This is a rewrite and I would recommend to check out the original author of this fanfic, I'll try to replicate the writing style as best as I can. I do now know how much...
Cote X Abomination  by foolishboyy
Cote X Abomination by Foolishboy
A boy reincarnated in the world of Classrom of the elite and became Kazawe Saji, however that's s not all, he also came with a golden finger turning a monster to an abom...
COTE- Being HIS sister by Estian123
COTE- Being HIS sisterby DJBILLOW
I'm Misa Ayanakoji. I lived with my mother until I was two, I barely remember her. But my father sent me to the white room as soon as my brother was born. The difference...
Classroom of the Elite: The Invisible Presence, Which Became Remarkable by SODAX-SAN
Classroom of the Elite: The Invisi...by SODAX - SAMA
A Classroom of the Elite fanfic. In this world, Ayanokoji did literally everything in the shadows. How do you ask? Well, in this alternate universe Ayanokoji played a s...
The Black Room's Escapee - OC x Ayanokoji by Anzihehelol
The Black Room's Escapee - OC x Ay...by 🔹Anzi 🔹
What will happen when the two perfect people meet each other? Izumi Shira meets Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, will new feelings spark? An OC x Ayanokoji fanfiction! NONE of the...
Love born from hatred (Year 2) by Silverdragon05
Love born from hatred (Year 2)by Sliverdragon05
Part 2 of Love born from hatred. Kushida has now lost everything and everyone around her and with Sakayanagi's proposal she will turn into a student that has never been...
Classroom of the Elite the Ultimate Lucky Gamer (OC) by josh7368
Classroom of the Elite the Ultimat...by josh7368
Kin Rakku was high schooler who was popular, had average smarts, good looks, and lived a normal life until one day he was accused for a crime that he didn't commit. He w...
Reincarnations can be freaky [ COTE X JOBLESS REINCARNATION ] by AncExe
Reincarnations can be freaky [ COT...by Anc Exe
*Can I experience the freedom this time?* *Can I live a meaningful life this time?* *follow the journey of two people who lives their life to the fullest in their second...