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Lock & Key (Drew McIntyre x OFC) by TooRadToGetMad
Lock & Key (Drew McIntyre x OFC)by ~~
Reader discovers something.. Interesting about her boyfriend- Drew McIntyre..
A Cuck Story by aishaa2204
A Cuck Storyby Aisha
To spice up their marriage, a couple decides on experimenting with their sex life, with the husband ending up becoming a submissive sissy...
Experiences Mixed With Fantasy by Jaguars1997
Experiences Mixed With Fantasyby Jaguars1997
*NSFW* Not really a story, but bits of experiences and fun times I've had with mommy, sometimes stretched a bit for a better post. I wanna write them down so I remember...
Amanda's Story by SammyWedgiegirl
Amanda's Storyby Sammantha
The fictional story of Amanda Susan, the wedgie, bondage and other such kinky actives loving girl. I'll update whenever I feel like it. Feel free to message me ideas and...
Nick Wilde turned into a yiff Sissy. by hellpuppy996
Nick Wilde turned into a yiff hellpuppy996
Nick wilde made into a yiff Sissy please note that I did not own this character and that it belongs to its respective owners and read at your own discretion.
Hollywood Femdom - Taylor Swift by FetishFiend
Hollywood Femdom - Taylor Swiftby Fetish Fiend
This book will contain multiple short Femdom stories involving Hollywood Celebrities. Every story will be put under a different volume. WARNING : This book will contain...
Second Chance Love by morocotonguita
Second Chance Loveby Morocotonguita
Madeleine, a widowed mother, finds herself granted a second chance at love with someone from her past-a relationship fraught with complexity yet brimming with passion. T...
Naruto Femdom Stories by FetishFiend
Naruto Femdom Storiesby Fetish Fiend
Naruto Femdom Stories : This book will be a collection of Femdom stories involving Naruto characters. WARNING : This book will contain heavy femdom scenes. If Femdom i...
The Trainer: Cuckold 201 by SDLeeErotica
The Trainer: Cuckold 201by SDLeeErotica
Last night Blake was introduced to Malik and Mia, the cuckold trainers. His wife informed him they would be training them in the cuckold lifestyle, thus beginning their...
Finding a relationship is easy, finding love is difficult. You may have the most beautiful partner in the world right now, but does your partner make your world beautifu...
Be Chosen by DisposableVillain
Be Chosenby Elliot
miho knew that she was pretty. Or at least, that she was meant to be pretty. But mai. mai was gorgeous. And miho couldn't have her. Only Ever Yours and Yu-Gi-Oh! crossov...