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Like how she never seemed able to keep her mouth shut whenever she felt the need to vent about anything and everything.

How she also became a pathological liar when it came to her private life. Always coming up with some lie to cover up whatever shady stuff she's doing.

Jihye had come in terms with her minor flaws, even going as far as embracing them from time to time. But whatever had happened yesterday out in the castle's training grounds, it was beyond the fine line of wrong. Perturbing even. Her body acted on its own accord, against her own will as if Jihye weren't the one in control.

Those symptoms started a few months ago, whenever the moon neared its full term. For an entire day, Jihye's body casted adventitious spells even if she wasn't in a situation that required it. And she had no idea why it was happening.

Jihye needed answers, however the only Magian she could possibly confide in was Hanbin all the way in Acacia. That is why she came up with a desperate plan in the middle of the night. On a whim, she had skipped through her teleportation spellbook and began to learn the spell she needed to instantaneously transport herself miles away. Once in Acacia, she could ask Hanbin if he knew of any book that contained information of her mysterious condition. But for that she'd need to be dismissed from the current tutor lesson she is forced to attend with Sunoo.

It had been nearly five hours of nothing but writing and reading over the same topic. Jihye's tolerance had started to wear thin around the third hour, she was about willing to jump up from her seat just to get some type of movement at all. Though luckily, there was only a couple minutes before their tutoring session ended and all Jihye could do was watch silently as the clock's minute hand ticked away. Sunoo's father continued reading off a book that contained some important historical events that have shaped the East Kingdom.

He was mostly focusing on the Amalgam Subjection Act passed a few decades ago under the command of her Great Grandfather and the Royal Council members at the time. In Jihye's eyes, the act shouldn't have been passed as it made the East the only Kingdom with such discriminatory laws over Amalgams. It would be the same as forcing Magians to avoid using Magic unless given permission from the Royal Council. Something to that extent would have caused a great uproar and protest.

She breathed in and finally looked away from the clock, instead focusing on the open book in her hands, a personal copy of what Sunoo's father was reading out loud for them. She listens to what he says and tries to find the place where he was at but once she did, she realized he was already at the end of the chapter.

"As you can infer from the facts, the Amalgam Subjection Act was necessary to keep the majority of our nation safe. Even if it meant limiting the freedom of Amalgams." Sunoo's father turns to look at Jihye specifically. "And your Great Grandfather was willing to make that decision for the sake of the East." He says as if praising the man he's never even met.

He shuts his book in his hands, "But possibly in the future, there will be situations in which you'll need to make a rash decision which affects all the people of the East Kingdom."

"To finish off today's lesson, I'll test the two of you's cogitation and judgement." He continues to use gesticulation just like a teacher would, and it took all of Jihye's willpower not to mimic his hand gesture . "Let's say, for some unseen circumstances— that the East Kingdom is facing the possibility of a war against another. Before allowing them a chance to conquer, it's decided by you and the Royal Council to invade the other Kingdom to gain the advantage."

Jihye rose a brow. What correlation did invading a Kingdom have with the Subjection Act he was speaking of earlier?

Sunoo's father turned to his son, who only absentmindedly picked at the page corners of his book.

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