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Jihye groaned in disapproval, her hands gripping her sheets. She wasn't aware what time it was, but her tired body was informing her that it didn't want to get up. If she ignored the visitor outside her door then maybe they wouldn't wake her up just yet.

The knocks got louder, impossible for Jihye to disregard them now.

"It's Sojung!" Came the maid's muffled voice from the other side of the door.

Jihye huddles further into her sheets to maintain her body warmth. It was fairly cold in the castle, despite it being the month of August. Most nights, the fireplaces needed to be ablaze to not catch a cold while sleeping.

There was an uncomfortable ache in her neck from the awkward position she had fallen asleep in last night. Her head was resting inconveniently on her shoulder, her torso twisted to a single side, and her right arm smothered under her full weight. She was sure she would feel the twinge of discomfort for days to come unless she asked the royal doctor to brew a muscle soothing decoction. 

"Come in—" Jihye mumbled, fixing her resting position into a more comfortable one before her door flew open with Sojung at her doorway, an energized smile on her face.

She wastes no time to mosey into her room. "Good morning, Princess!" Sojung sing-songs as she pulls the window curtains apart, causing white sunlight to beam through her window and into her once dark room.

It's bright, too bright for Jihye's still tired eyes to adjust.

Jihye attempts to cover her eyes with her sheets, however, Sojung was much quicker and ripped her barrier from the sun away.

With no other choice, Jihye shifts to rest against her headboard, her eyes still screwed shut.

"Mornin'..." She slurs. Her voice slightly gravelly, as she had just woken up and hadn't spoken in hours. She lets out a long yawn, rubbing her tired eyes before finally opening them.

"You're usually up and about by the time I come in," Sojung converses to keep the Princess awake. "Or your makeshift pillow twin would be the one to greet me in the morning." The maid internally groaned, remembering yesterday's incident.

She had been in a very good mood the day prior, even arriving at her usual time of thirty past six of the morning with the Princess's favorite type of tea. But her pleasant morning had quickly turned bitter when she found no one in the room.

"How do you even manage to disappear in a guard infested castle without being seen?" The question slips past her lips, making its way into Jihye's ears.

She tenses at the elicitation, but quickly regains her composure to avoid the likelihood of suspicion.

She couldn't say the truth, Well— I use advanced magic which my Father prohibits me from using, to go about my own business.

That would only result in Sojung doing the correct thing which was to inform the King as quickly as possible, no matter how much Jihye protested. And knowing her Father's habit to make sure his word was final, she would be surveyed much more than she was to begin with.

"The guards aren't very smart." She yawns simply instead, her voice still raspy and Jihye wishes she had something to parch her dry throat.

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