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*chapter might contain triggering content for some readers. please read at your own discretion.


But Jihye never took his constant warnings seriously. And now, as she was about to give a pair of thugs if not the most prized item she owned, Jihye wished she would have listened tonight.

"Are you just going to stare at it?" Euijoo snapped in her ear, jolting Jihye out of her own laments. "I don't have all night."

Jihye kept her hand clutched tightly around the watch, thinking of a way to get out of this unharmed and her stuff back.

Upon her lack of response, Euijoo's expression quickly morphed into frustrated impatience. He lets go of Jihye wheels away from her back to the front of her. "I am trying to be civilized here! But if you won't cooperate then I'm going to have to het violent."

Jihye raised her head and forced herself to meet Euijoo's gaze, her teeth digging into the inside of her lower lip as she remained unmoving and tears began slipping from her tear ducts.

"This is ridiculous." Euijoo scoffs like a child, grabbing harshly onto Jihye's arm again. "I want that watch, so don't make me cut off your hand to get it myself."

Jihye shook her head frantically. "I'll find a way to give you more money." She contended even as she struggled to push away Euijoo's hand that held tightly onto her arm. She could the painful grip digging bruises into her skin and it wouldn't be long before it went numb if he continued with the same pressure. "But let me keep the watch."

Euijoo lowered his head until he could speak directly into Jihye's ear, a smirk stretching his face. "Save those tears for another time, sweetheart. You can always buy a new watch. I'm sure you have money to spare." He said dryly, inclining his head as his eyes fell to Jihye's boots.

Euijoo had recognized the high quality of her clothing from the first time he saw her between the large crowd. It was a major reason as to why he targeted her to steal from.

"This looks quite expensive. Perhaps even tailored." He flicked at an invisible speck of dust on Jihye's coat— which was indeed newly tailored for her a week prior. Euijoo then harshly grabbed hold of Jihye's chin, forcing her head to move from one side to another as he inspected up close her complexion.

She wasn't tanned like most who were part of the working class of Hadal, as they spent long hours either at sea fishing or racking silver from selling merchandise in the markets. Such skin wasn't maintained unless they lived without the constant worry of earning up enough money to make each week's end. "There's no doubt you're from a well off family. Dare I guess from a noble family."

The implication behind his words made Jihye flinch away from his hand. "Maybe if we keep you around for a while then your parents will be willing to pay a very generous ransom once they find out you're missing." Euijoo declared flatly, crossing his arms at his chest and jutting out his jaw.

His words sent a thrill of anger up Jaeyun's spine who had patiently stayed silent the entire time, but before he could do more than curl his lips down into a scowl, Jihye spoke up.

"You'll have to let him go first." Jihye bargained as she felt more forced tears spill from her eyes. Jaeyun's head snapped up at the same time as Euijoo emitted a dubious scoff. "I won't give you the watch unless you take that blade off his back." She said, faking a quiver in her voice, her gaze never straying from Euijoo's.

Jaeyun shook his head so quickly it hurt his neck but he was still nimble to part his lips to protest. "Jihye, what are you doing?" He hissed as he tried to stagger towards her but Sungchul's grip on his arm was iron. "Don't worry about me, I can take on these bastards—"

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