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Sunoo supposed it couldn't be helped. But a simple heads up from her would have been nice if she knew beforehand of her possible tardiness.

For the first fifteen minutes of waiting, Sunoo resulted in pacing slowly through the aisles as he periodically checked the time. But as that grew to be repetitive, Sunoo then turned to returning the stray books scattered on the tables, benches, and the most randomest of places Jihye has left unfinished books behind.

That went on for who knows how many ions until Sunoo began losing track of time. He didn't want to leave yet, in case Jihye were to suddenly barge inside, but he needed something to preoccupy his bored mind.

A bit reluctantly, Sunoo searched for a book that could possibly grab his interest. Sunoo wondered how Jihye was so easily able to pick a book from the shelves and become invested with the plot on her first try. It was taking Sunoo an entire lap around the library and yet nothing seemed good enough to read.

But on the second to last row, Sunoo was able to settle for one. It was the only mellow lavender book on the shelf and aisle, the color quickly catching Sunoo's attention. Seeing no harm in taking it with him, Sunoo finds a spot to sit down and read— one of the many lined window nooks by the edge of the space.

Crossing his legs, Sunoo flips to the first chapter. At first, he found it dragging and had to force himself to read a paragraph after the other. But he slowly began to warm up to the main character, even resonating with him.

However, by the time he realized what genre the book was, Sunoo was already far too invested into the plot to place it back in its place. It was none other than a slow burn romance, more specifically, a stand alone star-crossed lovers novel.

He would most likely drop dead if anyone caught him reading such a thing, but he was at a point where he needed to know if the romantic pair ended up together or not.

Sunoo was especially enraptured at the scene he was currently at. The main character and his love interest had ventured off for a place to spend undisturbed from the rest of the world, which happened to be a flower field. They were having a picnic, enjoying themselves as the male character lay his head on his lover's lap.

Not being able to help himself, Sunoo envisions himself laying on none other than the only girl that's ever managed to take his breath, the two of them between a field of colorful flowers as Jihye formed a crown of her favorite flowers for his head.

However, the thought only lasts a brief moment, because suddenly, a grinning face is peering at him from behind the book in his hands.

"Are you reading a romance novel?" A honeyed voice comes out of nowhere, the sound breaking the silence of the library and causing Sunoo to flinch back.

Breath hitching in the middle of his throat, Sunoo looked at the girl in surprise. "J—Jihye?!" Grinning wider at his startling, Jihye raises her eyebrow in amusement.

With a fleeting glance, Sunoo flicks his gaze to Jihye's feet, which wore heeled boots that would usually clack against the ground with every step. He hadn't heard her enter the library or walk over at all.

Fingers clenching around the spine of the hardcover, Sunoo grips the book tighter as he tucks it behind him, a faint ripple of shame fluttering through him. He clears his throat before speaking. "What do you mean? This is a history book." He told, even though both of them clearly knew it wasn't.

She stood up straight from her hunched lean. "There's no need to hide it now, I've already caught you reading it." Jihye walked up to the left side of Sunoo, fighting off the urge pinch at his cheeks as she plopped down beside him. She nudged his shoulder playfully. "And quite intensely might I add."

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