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Anyone could infer that by just looking at the checkerboard set directly in the middle of him and Sunghoon.

They had played a few games of checkers and Sunoo had only managed to win the first two out of five. And those two were only possible because Sunghoon was sketching and playing at the same time. As soon as Sunghoon had finished his drawing and focused solely on their checker matches, Sunoo instantly felt the disparity between their playing skills.

Sunoo has seen Sunghoon sketch often, not a day passing without him carrying around his black sketchbook as if it were his lifeline. Sometimes when Sunoo rounded the castle, he would find Sunghoon in the most randomest of places. Sitting on a tree branch, on top of barrels, leaning off of statues.

Even sitting inside one of the arched apertures that surrounded the giant sequoia tree in the middle of the castle, just a slip away from falling to the ground below. He was almost like a cat in a way, sitting anywhere and everywhere.

From the way Sunghoon looked so absorbed into his own little world whenever he scraped his quill against his sketchbook, Sunoo grew curious to know what he was sketching, but not curious enough to ask for a peek. And certainly not right now.

Sunoo was set on taking at least one more win from Sunghoon before the overcast weather cleared up or at most before nightfall. He's already invested two hours of his time, cooped up inside a spare lounge with Sunghoon and the checkerboard. Quite a while considering that Heeseung had even waltzed in and decided to join them by offering to play some songs on the piano. Sunoo had planned to decline but Sunghoon was keen on having him play for them, claiming it could help their minds while they battled it out on the board.

The lounge the three of them loitered was intended to entertain guests or share a cup of tea indoors on days rainy weather prevented outdoor activities much like today, but the room was hardly ever used beforehand as there were never any guests to entertain. If it weren't for the hanging chandeliers and ignited fireplace, the smoke-grey clouds would have obscured any sort of light to flood the room. The windows did nothing but show how vicious the pouring rain outside was, the howling wind being no different as it harshly swayed every tree in its path.

Heeseung's fingers delicately danced across the black and white piano keys, the melody filling the mostly silent room. The only other white noise being the crackles from the fireplace and the continuous droplets of water hitting against the windows of the lounge. In most circumstances, Sunoo would crankily ask for Heeseung to tone down his playing as he preferred the tune of a violin but he is too preoccupied with the checkerboard in front of him to be too bothered by the sound.

"Would you like some more tea?" Sunghoon asks as he pours himself another serving of milk tea, their game put momentarily on pause.

Sunoo nods, pushing his saucer closer to Sunghoon for him to pour with more ease. "If you don't mind." He tells as he conjured up a game plan to twist his losing fate into a victory.

Despite his colder character and attempts to place a distance between them, Sunoo had gotten more acquainted with the other Princes. More specifically with Sunghoon. In Sunoo's opinion, the North Prince was the most tolerable of the three. He wasn't as chatty and friendly with Jihye as Heeseung and Jaeyun were. By that factor alone, Sunoo didn't consider him a complete nausince. And now might he dare say, he was starting to enjoy his presence in the same room as him.

"Does it rain a lot during fall in the East Kingdom, Sunoo?" Heesung asks while he enters the bridge of his song.

Sunoo's attention settles on the nearest window on his left, taking in the gloomy weather and tenebrous skies. "Not much actually." He says simply before turning back to the board and Sunghoon.

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