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It had first been a small and essentially an experimental peck, as if he was trying to test the waters.

But Jihye was the one who plunged them both deep with no chance of return. She rolled up onto her toes for another kiss, growing bold with her actions. They molded together, fitted against each other with imperfect perfection.

A surprised huff escaped Sunoo, but was silenced completely by Jihye as she tilted her head to the right.

Jihye felt the tender brush of Sunoo's fingertips against her lower back. She becomes completely weak at the knees with Sunoo's affection, relaxing into his touch. However, he suddenly pulls away, his thin breath fanning over her skin.

Jihye opens her eyes and is suddenly struck by several things at once. The softness of his eyes, the scorching heat of his cheeks, the tightness of his hold against her body as though that would remind him of how this was reality.

She had never seen his eyes so clearly— they looked so bright and sharp. Sunoo's face up close like this was truly as marveling as the constellations above.

"Out of breath already?" Jihye manages a feeble tease.

Sunoo  lets out a soft, nervous laugh, shaking his head. "Not at all." He responded, his voice more urgent and thin than he would have preferred it to be.

"Then what is it?" Jihye complains softly, her hands tightening their hold on his shoulders—as though worried he'd become solely an illusion.

"We're still in the corridor." Sunoo murmured against her. "Out in the open for anyone to see." Again he grants her a kiss, completely disregarding his previous statement like a hypocrite.

When Sunoo broke apart, Jihye drew a deep breath as her lashes fluttered open. "Makes it all more thrilling and rousing in my opinion. Don't you think so?"

Rather than letting go, Sunoo held her even tighter as the taste and touch of each other made their heads spin. "I'd prefer you all to myself more." Despite the breathlessness in Sunoo's voice, there's not a single shred of hesitance in his eyes. Sucking in a sharp breath at him, Jihye feels her resolve wavering.

She stared at him, her eyes wide and stunned. His confession leaves her breathless along with his lips purposefully skimming her though never quite granting her a kiss. Swallowing, Jihye finds herself melting into his arms as her heart continues to pound.

His words still hung in the small space between them.

"If you insist," Jihye manages to mutter, breathing against Sunoo's lips, his eyes flitting down at the action. "Let's take this somewhere else then?" She asks breathlessly, digging her fingers into his shoulders.

With a quick murmuration and aid of Magic, Jihye's bedroom door flies open.

"After you." Sunoo's voice rumbled right by her ear. Her eyes flicker to his lips, then back up to where his eyes hold her hostage and Jihye could just melt into mush right then and there.

Doing as he says, Jihue released him and entered. Sunoo shut the door behind him and followed her as she stepped backwards further into the room.

Jihye smiles with content, nibbling on her bottom lip as she props onto her tip-toes, arms winding around Sunoo's neck. Delirious with joy and ecstasy, Jihye pulled him down for another kiss. His mouth slots into the seam of hers like two perfect puzzle pieces.

After a beatific second of partial focus, a fire gushes open in Jihye's right hand. As she waves her fingers in the air, the fire shoots directly into the fireplace and brightly ignites the wood within.

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