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It was ridiculous of him to order her to share breakfast together and not even bother to make it on time. Jihye has been sitting at the prepared table inside the Rose garden for twenty minutes, unaccompanied apart from the two maids that stood at a short distance. Though they could hardly ever count as company as they only uttered a simple greeting before falling into daunted silence, almost as if they were afraid to speak while the Princess was present.

Jihye assumed it must be due to the punished maid who spoke abysmally of her which caused their cautious actions. It wasn't a pleasant feeling— being feared in that way, but if it meant they would keep their nose out of her business, then so be it.

As she waited for her dilatory Father, Jihye continued to munch on Sunoo's divine thumbprint cookies. There had only been a dozen inside the small sack, and although Jihye wasn't keeping count of how many she was devouring, she assumed there were about three left.

She still couldn't fathom as to why Sunoo would have gone through the trouble to bake the cookies. He didn't have the most minimal clue how to cook— let alone bake something that was tedious to make presentable. Jihye could only imagine with a small smile to herself, Sunoo struggling in the kitchen as he mixed the ingredients for dough. The castle bakers telling Sunoo step by step as to how to properly shape the cookies and he barely manages to follow their instructions without shouting in pure frustration.

In the end, all of his efforts were not exerted in vain. None of his cookies had cracks in them nor had the jam spilling past the edges. Not only was their appearance stunning, but their taste was exceptional as well. If Sunoo had told her they were made by the best baker Acacia had to offer, Jihye would have entirely believed him.

Jihye breathed out deeply, wishing she was inside the dining hall with Sunoo and her friends instead of waiting around for her no-show Father. Biting into the second to last thumbprint cookie, Jihye looked up to the sky in wonder.

Upon discovering the ability to manipulate the elements of nature through one of two cryptic journals, Jihye realized there was still much left for her to uncover about the world. As far as Jihye was taught, there had only been four core types of Magic. Conjuring, Alteration, Illusion, and Enchantment— one coming from the four Kingdoms of Arcadia.

But the journal from Hanbin's bookshop had introduced four more Magic types. At first had also played it off as a sick joke— perhaps even from Hanbin himself. But once she recited one of the spells out loud thinking nothing would happen, Jihye was proven incredibly wrong.

Jihye's mind had yet to fully register last night's revelations. But it would be outlandish if she accepted the truth off the bat. After all, no one other than her and Hanbin know about the contents inside the journals. If it were made public to not only the East Kingdom, but the entire continent— some Magians would attempt to harness the new abilities for their tactless incentives. Causing Mortals and Amalgams to fear Magians greater more than they already were. The tension between the three races was increasing by the day, and Jihye believed it was like this in all four Kingdoms.

There was a great vastness swirling in her thoughts— from the journals, why one of them was in her Father's possession, and the constant reminder that she still had to deal with her betrothal.

Jihye fished for her golden pocket watch, checking the time and seeing another ten minutes have gone by. There was no sign of her Father yet and Jihye was beginning to lose her patience as each second ticked away. At least she wasn't incredibly famished after eating Sunoo's cookies, but now she was feeling a bit parched.

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