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He hadn't moved an inch, he was still gaping at his empty hand while his mind raced a mile a minute. How could he have let this happen?

When Sunoo had left the lounge, he had intended to go straight into his room and stay there until dinner. But upon seeing Jihye wandering through the castle with a mischievous saunter, he knew she was up to no good. Though, as he attempted to follow her, she suddenly disappeared on a turn into a hall. Sunoo believed she had completely left the castle altogether until he heard the faint noise of her mumbles in a room she had no right being in.

He had told himself, he would only tell her to leave quickly before she was caught red-handed by her Father or any other person and not make a single comment about the stupid rumor because he knew he would not be able to control his loose tongue. Especially when all he would be able to think about would be Jihye in someone else's arms that weren't his own. And that was not something he wanted to envision.

But one thing led to another and he had said things to Jihye he should not have said, no matter how peeved he was to indirectly hear from the King and his father themselves that they never once considered him as Jihye's possible swain.

Spewing hurtful things to Jihye was bad but to top it all off, he left Sunghoon's handkerchief in the King's study. If it were to be found inside, it would surely get the innocent Prince caught in a bind. Sunoo might not be the most apathetic of people, but even he wouldn't let Sunghoon get incriminated for something he wasn't involved in.

He needed to find Jihye quickly and resolve the mess. It didn't matter if they weren't on speaking terms at the moment. Jihye would surely help once he explained everything and meekly apologized. And so, after closing his slack jaw, Sunoo went in search of the Princess.

But it seems like things never go well for Sunoo.

Jihye wasn't in her room. She wasn't at the top of the turret. She wasn't back in the library. He had looked everywhere in the castle and Sunoo was slowly losing his head. There was no possible way she could have gone too far. But then again, she could now teleport anywhere she pleased in a matter of seconds.

Sunoo grips his hair in frustration as he halts in his steps. He had no way of retrieving Sunghoon's handkerchief unless he had the help of a Magian. The King's study had without a doubt been locked after the two men had left. Sunoo couldn't waltz over and ask a Rose Guard to unlock the door for him or force his way inside.

The only other option he could think of was to wait for the King himself to go back inside and pretend as if he were to ask him something, covering up his true intention of finding the handkerchief before the King spotted it. But it was too much of a stretch he'd even be able to pull it off.

Sunoo exhales loudly as he drags his hand down his face and keeps it over his chin in desperate thought. Only when he truly can't come up with anything else, is when he finally throws in the towel and gives up. He was going to have to explain to the King why and how he got into his study, give every little detail just to save Sunghoon's back.

He and Jihye would have to pay the price.

Maybe if he came to the King on his own accord and confessed, he'd be more lenient towards the two of them. But Jihye wouldn't be able to trust him the same if he did such a thing. As much as he hated the idea, Sunoo had no other choice but to begin making his way to the throne room as he concocted the manner in which he would confess everything.

Then, as he passes through the upper floor landing, he spots from the corner of his eye movement below. A ray of hope blooming in his chest, Sunoo reared back and came to a still as he peered over the railing. He had anticipated seeing Jihye's signature styled hair and the blue ruffled dress she had been wearing earlier, but instead, his eyes were met with a jet black head-of-hair and dark trousers. Sunghoon's hair and trousers.

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