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Her gown dragging behind her, Jihye maneuvers in the labyrinth she calls her home. Her mind set on bargaining with the most influential man in the Kingdom. The man she calls her Father.

Though it was considered incredibly discourteous to arrive unannounced or without a pre-appointed rendezvous, Jihye had an advantage. As a member of the Royal Eastern Family, she could waltz in whenever she pleases. However, her Father wasn't a huge zealot of her arbitrary visits.

After a solid ten minutes of walking around the humorously large castle, she finally makes it to the Throne Room. The doors are closed shut, as they always were, two guards standing on each side with a sword by their waists.

She hoped no one had informed her Father of this morning's events, otherwise he would be completely shut off of any proposals from her. And no amounts of spells could protect her from her Father's parental wrath.

Jihye wouldn't consider herself a disobedient daughter per say, but she would be lying if she called herself a saint. While she followed most instructions as she was apprised and kept her nose out of her Father's work as King, Jihye could easily be considered a substantial liar with how many times a lie has slipped past her lips. Either way, this whole fiasco was where she drew the line.

And if all went well, Jihye would walk out as an unbound bachelorette.

She took a deep breath, raised her chin, ordered the guards to open the doors and walked straight into the throne room. Inside, elaborate golden framework and pillars surround the dark wooden seat which her father sat at. The room was extensive, though not as immense as the ball room which could easily accommodate an entire population of a town.

Most who entered the throne room would immediately lower themselves to the ground on one knee and bow to the King. But with the urgency that coursed through her body, Jihye wasted no time to tramp right in front of her father's golden throne, where he sat with a formal document in hand.

The King glances at her, his brows raised in question and surprise. "What an entrance." His hands fall onto his lap, placing the treatise down before standing on his feet.

"You're lucky I wasn't busy with the Royal Council at the moment." He says as he descends down the steps of his elevated throne and makes his way to the spot Jihye stood tall. She was lucky to find her Father alone. If the Royal Council had been present, Jihye would've had no chance for her Father to hear her out. "Otherwise you could've caused a tremendous disturbance."

He was a very intimidating man to those who didn't know him. His daunting gaze only could cause anyone to tremor in fear and dread, yet his height and broad shoulders added to his domineering aura.

The Princess did not quite equal her Father in many ways. Such as her looks, she had a much softer and elegant complexion, one which servants often compared to an innocent swan.

She loved the taste of sugary sweets, while her Father preferred the tangy and piquant taste of savory dishes.

Jihye enjoyed the chilly air that came with winter. But her Father fancied the balmy sunlight of a summer's day.

But the biggest discord between them was the controversial use of the magical arts. He was a strong believer that humans should stray farthest away from magic as necessary, as too much power could corrupt even the most righteous. However, Jihye on the other hand, viewed magic in a brighter light.

The father and daughter duo were complete opposites.

"I apologize Father, but—" Jihye starts but is ultimately interrupted.

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