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Ophis: finally, after all of these years. I'm finally ready to kick that overgrown lizard out of my home.

I said to myself as I looked upon the all powerful army I raised called the Khaos brigade. After many years building up my soldiers and forcing the entirety of the supernatural to join us, I've finally gathered more then enough power needed to destroy that annoying dragon that invaded my home at last!

In response to my statement, My army let out a deafening scream of confidence and early triumph as they raised there weapons and fists to the air. Knowing that arrogant dreamer doesn't stand a chance against them or even me for that matter now, I turned back from my army then snapped my fingers making a giant portal leading to my home, the dimensional gap open up infront of us

Without a second of hesitation, My forces charged through the portal while going into whatever form or power up they possessed while screaming for great red's blood as I followed behind them by quickly sprouting my wings from behind my back then fly into my taken home as the portal leading inside closed behind me

Once we were inside my stolen home. I looked around my realm filled with iridescent light everywhere you look to only to find the thieving dragon nowhere in sight.

Ophis:.... true red dragon god emperor! Come out from wherever your hiding and die by either me or by my army!

After a minute or two waiting for the annoying dragon god to respond, I was about to have my army search for the cowardly dragon, only to be cut off as from my realm walked over what looks to be one of the Gogmagog golems that were left inside my home. Thinking the golem was hostile, my forces were about to attack it, only for I to stop them and wait till the golem try's to attack before killing it. Once the now activate golem reached us, it did a quick bow before specking to us

Golem: good morning/evening everyone. Especially to you mister miss ophis.

Ophis: don't ever say that again. Now, do you know where that home wrecker, great red is or not?

Golem: indeed I do. In fact, he's currently right behind you.

Ophis: huh?

Before I can ask the golem what it's talking about. I was quickly interrupted when I heard someone blowing there nose from behind me, making me along with my army turn around to see what looks to be great red in human form watching something from a hole in reality he created while repeatedly blowing his nose and wiping his tears away over what he's watching as another golem held up a tissue box for him

Y/n: *crying*... godDAMMIT! Why is it that whenever I'm watching the end of something, My eyes just keep on crying no matter if I'm sad or not!...I'm supposed to be an all powerful dragon god, not a fucking waterfall of tears and snot!

Golem: do you want another tissue, master red?

Y/n: gladly...

Without another word, he immediately took another tissue form the golem next to him and kept on trying to remain what little modesty he had at the moment. Seeing that even though I came back to reclaim my home he didn't even bother to glance at me, I narrowed my eyes at him then walked up to the pouring mess he was and stood infront of him while multiple pitch black snakes appeared all around me

Ophis: great red, you thieving annoyance! Not only do you have the audacity to take my birthplace and home while I was away, but you'd even dare to insult me further by not even reacting to my existence when I've finally come to reclaim my home from you? Your Lucky that your strong enough to do such things without being punished severely, or else I would've drowned you under an ocean of snakes.

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