Rias peerage Bio

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Piece: King

Name: Rias Gremory

Age: 18

Race / original race: Devil

Hair: red

Eyes: blue


-Power of destruction: A unique form of demonic power that allows her to release energies that can disintegrate matter, both living and inanimate, with relative ease. Thanks to her trainer, she can use her power of destruction to either fire orbs of pure destruction to either completely atomize any attack or defense that comes across it or destroying certain parts, create collars to continually destroy and hold back any trace of the supernatural of a person wearing it, and enhance her body or fists to severely empower her defenses and attacks to the point where a simple Jab erases anything that comes in its way, and force her targets closer by destroying the distance between them.

-all seeing answer of gremory: an ability once forgotten by the gremory house during the Great War. With this, Rias is able to instantaneously be given the answer to whatever question she's given as long as it can be learned through points in the past, present, and future. For this to activate, she has to be asked a question and be within the same space of the thing she's finding the answer of. For example, if she was asked about what someone was doing while she is currently in the dimensional gap, she wouldn't be able to know what that person was doing whatsoever.


- treasures of the unknown: using her family's magic circle to summon forth any type of hidden treasure no matter if it was discovered or not. Rias is able to bring forth any lost weapon, armor, vehicle, spell, item etc to her at any time she wants. Her vault of summonable lost treasures also included holy swords, Greek weapons, ballistas, airships, tanks, and anything someone ever hid including yourself.


Piece: Queen

Name: Akeno Himejima

Age: 18

Race / original race: Fallen Angel, Human

Hair: Black

Eyes: Violet


-Vector incantation: a highly complex form of magic that Akeno surprisingly mastered quickly. This form of magic lets her be able to manipulate the vectors of whatever she touches, or came within 6 feet of her. If she wants to, she can flick a truck to outer space, burst her Victims fragile eardrums with a snap of her fingers, electrocute them with there own Bio-electricity, literally appear in front of someone, or make a simple tap on the floor create a large explosion underneath any unlucky individual caught in it

-Holy lighting: Akeno's signature skill that she inherited from her father. Even though she has yet to train with it since she was waiting for her father to teach her till she learnt much about it. Akeno knew enough about it that she began wondering if the reason why it was so special was cause sometimes, the whenever she attempts making one, it felt as if it was letting out it's own heartbeat


Piece: mutated Bishop

Name: Gasper Vladi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

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