Flashback rias gremory

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Rias: BOOM! taste my family's power of destruction, fiend!

Sirzech: No! AAAGHHH!... bleh.

I yelled as I laid myself on the floor playing dead while my little Rias ran over to me with her usual smile as she jumped on me before quickly getting off and began trying to pull me back up to my feet

Rias: Yes! The mighty princess of ruin vanquishes evil once again! Let's play again, Zech! This time you be the good one and I'll play the bad guy.

Sirzech: sorry, ria. But can we do it later, since I have to go fill out some paper work as the current lucifer.

Rias: aww, can't you ignore it Zech? I mean it's just some paper, it can wait an hour or two.

Sirzech: I really doubt that, ria. And even if it did, grayfia will probably drag me in the middle of us playing.

Rias: yeah, sis is boring like that.

Sirzech: yeah, but I promise I'll go play with you in another once I'm done with all my work. Ok?

In response, Rias just looked at me for half a minute with those blue eyes of her's before eventually nodding and turning on her TV.

Rias: ok. But remember, you promised me so don't forget!

Sirzech: I won't I won't. Bye, Rias.

With that, I got out of her room then closed her door. Once I was left alone in the empty halls of the gremory mansion, I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding in then held out my hand as I materialized a ball of my mother's power of destruction which quickly warped itself to resemble a king piece

Sirzech: a few more years.... a few more years, ria and you'll be a king just like me.... *sigh* why is it that whenever the thing your having the most fun with has to leave sooner. I just hope she won't start hating these moments we had with each other.

As I was thinking over how my little ria was gonna be when she finally grows up and become a king. I was suddenly interrupted from my thoughts when from the empty hallway echoed out the tearing of floor tiles making me look to see what seems to be a young man dragging a small girl across the hall while her feet were dragging across the floor to the point where they were actually THROUGH the floor

Y/n: goddammit, OP! If your gonna sulk over not staying back home, then you could at least spare random people's property!

Ophis: if your gonna make a big deal out of it. Why don't you go fix up my damages then?

Y/n: oh skrew you, I'm not patching up whatever you broke out of annoyance. Besides, if YOU were the reason behind it then YOU should fix it with YOUR own effort.

Ophis: whatever.

Y/n: oh don't you DARE pull that 'whatever' crap on me NOW, emo loli.

Just as the two arguing individuals were about to pass by me. The young man who was dragging the little girl suddenly froze where he stood before facing towards me, making me stare back at him while letting my king piece disappear from sight

Sirzech: excuse me, but who are you two and how did you come here without anyone knowing about your entry here?

Y/n:.... get out of my way.

Before I could ask the young boy what he was talking about. He suddenly appeared in front of me and with one hand, threw me to the ceiling and opened the door to Rias's room then walked inside

Once he was inside, My body hit the tiled floor of my home with a deafening thud while I laid there wondering what the boy just did to me with ease

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