Chapter 1

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"Zoey? Dear, are you up? It's time for school!" I heard my mom's faint voice as I fought to get up from bed.

"Yes, mom! I'm up!" I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and hair. After finishing my business I came out and saw my elder brother, Jack, sitting on my bed, waiting for me.

"Morning, dada (that's what I called him). What are you doing here?" I asked as I sat next to him and he put an arm around my shoulder.

"Sissy, I wanted to tell you something." He started and I saw pain in his eyes.

"What's wrong, dada?"

"Zoey, you know our father is the beta of our pack, right?" I nodded. "Well, being that he has alot of enemies. So, I just want to warn you to be careful at all times. Do you understand me? I'm really protective of my little sissy."

"Chillax, dada. Nothing's going to happen." I said smiling. He smiled back and stood to leave.

"You never know." He said and walked out.

So, I'm Zoey Morrison from the Red Blood Pack and my father is the beta of this pack. I'm 6 years old and my brother is 16 years old. My mother is Alison and she is the kindest I can tell you about. My father, James, is also really kind but sometimes he loses his temper really bad and that's the reason he's made up so many enemies. My brother was going to replace my father as beta after 2 years.

I went downstairs to the delicious smell of bacon and eggs. My mother was a great cook and I loved everything she made.

"Good Morning, mom." I said as I ran into her arms and gave a kiss on her cheek.

She chuckled. "How's my little princess?"

"I'm great mommy. Who's going to take me to school today?" I asked as I sat on the dining table, taking a bite from the bacon and moaning in delight.

"Jack will, sweetie. Have a great day. I have to leave now with your dad. Take Care of yourself, honey." She gave me a kiss on the head and left.

Jack came in soon afterwards and sat down beside me and we both ate in silence. After we both finished, he got up and went towards the door and stood there waiting for me.

"Hurry up sissy, or you'll be late."

"Coming, dada." We walked to school as it wasn't far away, just a 5 minute walk.

We both studied in the same school. Everyday he walked me to my classroom and gave me a kiss on the forehead before leaving.

After school was over, for about 2 hours, Jack did not come to pick me up. Usually he was there before my class even got over. This frightened me and I thought of going home myself. I left school and jogged home and reached within 3 minutes. I saw that the front door of our house was open and my dad's car was parked in the driveway.

I ran in and saw everything broken and messed up like someone had a fight here. My heart started beating rapidly in fear of something bad had happened.

"Mom? Dad? Dada? Where are you?" I tried shouting but my voice was caught in my throat, so it only came out as a whisper.

"Oh, looks like their little daughter is back." I heard an unfamiliar voice behind me and turned to see a rogue standing with his arms crossed. I gulped.

"Oh, don't be scared, little girl. We won't kill you like we killed your family. We'll just hurt you enough to make your life hell." The man stated and I started shaking in fear. He started taking steps towards me and I took the same backwards when I hit something behind me. I turned to see another rogue who caught me and held me up in his arms.

"Let me go! Dad! Dada! Help!" I screamed but no response was recieved.

"They're all dead, little girl. No one can hear you now." Tears started dripping from my eyes. The rogue pulled out a knife from his pocket. I was afraid he would stab me but he didn't. Instead he put it at the right corner of my forehead and slid it down till the left corner of my chin, leaving my whole face cut into half and blood dripping like rain.

The other rogue dropped me and I fell, hitting my head on the floor.

"Let's go. Our work here is done..." Was the last thing I heard before everything blacked out.


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