Chapter 4

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The night before the ceremony, I was out of bread and eggs and so had to go to the grocery store around midnight. I got my groceries as the shop is open 24 hours. The cashier knows me since childhood but still isn't comfortable with talking to me properly and still gives me those creepy looks.

On my way back, I heard growling and the voice caught my attention because it was so damn sexy. I ran towards it and far enough, I could see a wolf was about to shift and my wolf pleaded me to go and help him. I was nearly a mile away and I could smell his delicious cologne, making me want him and my wolf whispered 'mate..'

I was just about to reach him when I saw a girl beside him, helping him shift which I was supposed to do. The sight made my heart break into millions of tiny pieces and tears threatened to fall off but I controlled them. I didn't realize that the eggs had fallen from my hands and all broke, just like my heart. 

After a few minutes, a beautiful black wolf was standing next to that girl. It was dark so I couldn't really see the face of the girl but she seemed to be beautiful. The wolf was gorgeous and stunning, I had to control myself from not running to it and running my fingers through it's fur.

He didn't want me. That's why he had that girl with her. Now tears fell from my eyes and I couldn't stop them. I felt someone stabbing my heart again and again but then I saw them walking towards me and I ran to the other side and hid behind a tree. I watched them as they walked by the spot I was standing and crushing those eggs and bread I dropped, just like my heart.

As soon as they disappeared, I walked to the spot my mate had shifted and found his wallet laying there. My eyes went so wide seeing the ID card, I thought my eyes would fall out their sockets. My mate was Blade Black.


I woke up to the sunlight hitting my eyes. It's how I wake up everyday as I don't have an alarm clock. The sun wakes me up everyday at 8 a.m.. I had sold everything in my house by now and all that left was a bed in my room, a wardrobe and the bathroom stuff.

I suddenly remembered that today was the day when Blade would turn 18 and given the Alpha title. That means I have to get ready for that. Great, I hate getting ready. As his name hit my brain, memories of last night came rushing back and again tears threatened to fall off my eyes but I stopped them.

I got up and walked to the washroom. Different questions started appearing in my mind seeing my reflection. Will Blade accept my ugliness when he sees me? Would he love me like I deserved to be loved? Would he save me from all the bullying? What if he rejects........ No, he can't do that. I shouldn't think like that.

'Yes, he has to love us no matter what.' I heard a voice in my head but it wasn't my mother's. I figured it might be my wolf.

"Wolf? Is that you?" 

'Yes, Zoey. I'm your wolf, Katherine.' 

"Wow. Thanks."

I decided I would wear the only dress I had. It was a white, sleeveless dress with a lace just above the waist and on the border. It barely reached my knees and I had white heels with that.


The party had already started when I reached. Everyone was just talking and chattering but as I passed, people would stop talking and would give me creepy looks, whispering things.

Deciding to ignore them, I walk to the end of the hallway and took a drink, sipping on it quitely. I had decided before coming here that I would cover my scent up so that Blade couldn't recognize me. A few moments later people started clearing a path and the same, addicting cologne grabbed my attention, making my wolf purr in delight as she whispered 'mate..'

Blade came through and I saw Diana by his side. There, she was that beautiful girl I saw last night.

He would never accept me and I knew that because his reputation, his coolness mattered to him more than anything else in this world and he already loved Diana. I couldn't go in between them. My face started burning and I realized I had been crying. 

I could hear the Alpha giving the speech and crowning Blade. I just wished this ceremony would end sooner and I could go home. 

Then Blade started speaking. His voice was so damn sexy. 

"Thank you, everyone for being here to show your love and respect towards your new Alpha and I would like you to meet your new Luna." He said and my heartbeat started racing. "Ladies and Gentlemen, your new Luna, Diana Maxine." He finished and I couldn't bear it as I ran out and towards home.


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