Chapter 5

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Oh gosh! This pain is so much. I guess he doesn't want me so I'll just stay out of his way.

I woke up with a tear-stained face as the sunlight hit my eyes. I still felt like crying more but I had to stop. I have to go to school.


The lunch break was as usual. Me, sitting on the farthest table, having my lunch quietely but today something felt wrong. Something that wasn't the same like everyday.

Just then, the new Alpha and Luna came marching in the cafeteria and all eyes were on them. I just slid down my chair, hiding and controlling myself to not let out a sob. Just as they sat in their seats, their lips didn't wait for anything else and were on each other. The sight broke my heart to a new beginning and my wolf was crying out in pain of betrayal. I couldn't hold it anymore and ran home. People are happy when they don't see me around in school.

~2 years later~

The night has come... The night I would finally see my wolf, Katherine, for the first time. I wasn't sure if she would really come up because these last 2 years, she hasn't made any contact with me. She's just too weak. I decided I wouldn't go to school today, instead prepare for my first shift.

Almost 1 hour was left for midnight now and I was at the cliff alone. I had brought extra clothes with me, so when I shift back I have something to cover myself up.

All of a sudden a pain hit me so harshly, I fell to the ground crying and screaming in pain. The cracking and snapping of bones made the pain worse and my cries grew. This was the time my mate should've been there but he wasn't. Even then, I still hoped he would pop out of nowhere to help me. I cried for what felt like a decade and I could see other wolves gathering around to see me but no one made a move to help me.

The pain stopped just like it came and I could feel fur all over my body. I stood up on my four legs and I could see my silver fur on my legs. Katherine howled all of a sudden, showing that she was still in pain for her mate and without warning me, she shifted into my human form. I knew she was sad so I just went on with what she wanted. I grabbed my clothes, put them on and started to walk home. Katherine was still not talking to me and I don't know for how long is she gonna keep on doing this..


"Hey, Zoey. We heard you shifted last night?" Two sluts came up to my table. I looked up at them and slowly nodded with a small smile.

"Did you find your mate?" The other one asked. I didn't know their names 'cause I never really paid attention to any of them. I shook my head and she started giggling.

"Well, thank the Lord. Even if he would've found you, he would've rejected such an ugly girl. Poor, unlucky guy." The first one said and my heart tore apart once again. I gave a fake smile and they walked away, laughing and giggling.

I felt like they stabbed me again in the same, wounded heart. A quite tear slipped down my face as I continued eating my sandwich.


I was in bed that evening but his beautiful face just never left my mind. Then something in me didn't feel right. 

'Mate, our mate is in pain.' Katherine whispered. The first time she contacted me after 2 years. This must be serious. 

I quickly got up and went wherever Katherine took me. As we were closing into the woods, I could smell his delicious cologne.

Soon enough, I could see him, with Diana and a rogue pointing a gun towards Blade. Seeing that rogue reminded me of what the rogues did to my family and made me want to rip his throat out.

As soon as he pulled the trigger, I ran infront of the gun in inhuman speed and took the bullet in my stomach. The rogue was shocked seeing me and I heard a small whisper behind me, 'mate..' I knew it was Blade. I felt the lycotine on the bullet because I could not feel my wolf anymore.

I took the gun out of the rogue's hand and shot him. He laid there, dead and Blade came running towards me from back, catching me before I hit the ground. Just as he saw my face, he dropped me and I hit the ground.

"W-what?" I stuttered in pain.

"Ew, you're so.. Ugly. I can never have an ugly mate." He said and a whole new pain was in my chest now because of the bullet of words he hit on my heart.

"Please, help me." I pleaded with tears in my eyes as the lycotine bullet kept going deeper into my stomach.

"Huh, you think I'll help an ugly duckling like you? Just look at yourself, you're nothing but trash." He paused. "I, Blade Black, Alpha of the Red Blood Pack, rejects you, Zoey Morrison, as my mate." And with that he left without even looking back once.


Thankyou to all the people who read my book. I appreciate it alot. #LoadsLove.

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