Chapter 6

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~Unknown P.O.V.~

I was driving by the forest of the Red Blood Pack and suddenly heard a gunshot. I was here because the Alpha of this pack needed help from me for some rogue problem. Hearing the gunshot, I realized it might be those rogues.

I quickly got out of the car and ran towards the sound of the gunfire. There, I saw four people, of which two were on the ground and two were standing, talking to a girl who laid on the ground. That girl had gotten my attention and my wolf pleaded me to go to her and help her.

The two standing people walked away and I could feel the pain that, that girl was feeling. I quickly ran to her and saw that she was shot with a lycotine bullet. realized now that she was my mate and seeing her in this condition just brought tears to my eyes. She was really beautiful. I just wanted her to be okay, in my arms and know that I will always be there to protect her from now on. I scooped her up in my arms and decided to take her to the pack doctor but I didn't know where this pack's pack doctor was. 

"R-rejection a-a-accepted." She slowly whispered but I didn't know what she was talking about.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. You'll be fine. I'll keep you safe." I cried and she held her arms tightly around my neck.

I just loved that little move she made. I set her down in my car and drove off to my Pack. Please, God. Don't take her away from me.

~Zoey's P.O.V~

 I was suddenly felt being lifted up into strong arms and I wondered if it was Blade 'cause I felt those pleasurable sparks all over my body so I did the thing that had to be done.

"R-rejection a-a-accepted." I slowly whispered, knowing he would be able to hear me.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. You'll be fine. I'll keep you safe." And that voice wasn't Blade's. I thought someone finally accepted me so wrapped my arms around his neck in fear of losing him. Whoever he was, he was the best guy.

I felt being seated, as still, I wasn't able to open my eyes. The car started off and my breathing started to get heavier as the pain increased.

After what felt like ages, I was again being lifted up and soon someone injected something into me, knocking me out.


When I woke up, the beepings of the hospital machines and someone's cries filled the room.

"Please don't leave me. I really need and want you." The same guy cried beside me and all I wanted to do is get up and hug him tightly but my body felt numb, and I couldn't move.

After some time, I was slowly able to open my eyes and I finally saw him. Believe me or not, this was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. He was really gorgeous, sitting right beside me with tears in his eyes. As soon as he saw me, his eyes lightened up with a little spark and that made me want to smile.

"You're awake, beautiful." He whispered and tears flooded my eyes when he called me beautiful. No one had ever called me that before.

"Wh-who are you?" I stuttered and my throat felt dry. He must've felt it in my voice 'cause he quickly got up and grabbed a glass of water kept on the side-table.

"I'm Kevin Barks, Alpha of the Blue Moon pack and you are my Luna. You are currently in my pack. May I ask what happened with you, if you don't mind speaking?" He said and handed me the glass of water which I couldn't drink because of the mask but took a small sip, vanishing my thirst.

"I-I'm Zoey." I said as I wasn't able to speak alot because of the pain and the machines attached to my mouth.

"Oh, those machines are hurting you, right? Don't worry, I'll ask the doctor to get 'em off you." He said and ran out the room. I felt scared as soon as he left. Him not being around me made me feel insecure.

I realized I couldn't feel my wolf anymore. Maybe because of the bullet something happened to her.

"How are you feeling now, Luna?" The doctor asked and I didn't realize when he had entered.


"Want me to take those off?" He asked and I nodded.

He nodded in return and started detaching the machines and I felt a lot more better. The doctor left and I was now alone with Kevin.

"Will you speak?" He requested with a smile which melted my heart and so I nodded.

"I-I was a little girl when my family was murdered by rogues. My pack never wanted to accept me and I was a part but still invisible in my pack. The rogues made this scar.." I paused pointing to the scar on my face, ".. on my face before leaving and said they made my life living hell. And that was true. After that everyone hated me, bullied me, abused me and treated me like trash." I cried as all those memories came running back to me. He was looking at me with tears in his eyes, like he could feel the same pain too. "I just had hope that one day my mate would come and he would accept me, love me and soon I figured out that the Alpha's son of my pack was my mate. He was already in love with some other girl so I  decided I won't interfare between them. I watched everyday as he and that slut kissed each other, felt all the pain when he had sex with her and my wolf completely cut off the connection between her and me. 2 years later I shifted alone. No one helped me during the shift but I guess I was strong enough to survive it. The day you found me was the day my wolf first time contacted me in 2 years and she told me that our mate was in danger. I had to save him, so I took the bullet which was about to hit him so that he would be safe. Before seeing my face, he was happy to have found his mate but when he saw me, he did what I thought he would do. He rejected me..." And I started sobbing badly.

Kevin got up, came to my side and set me on his lap as I hugged him tightly and sobbed in his shirt.

"Sshh, love. It's okay. Now I'm here with you. No one will ever hurt you and I promise that I will always love you. If I had ever known that you had gone through all this, I would've protected you with my own life. I'm so sorry." He cried too now and that hurt me even more that those memories did.

"Please don't cry, Kevin. You're hurting me more." I stopped sobbing but never left my position. "Please keep me with you forever. Please don't hurt me."

"I promise, honey. I'll never ever hurt you nor let anyone hurt you." He said and I was happy for the first time in my life, being here in my mate's arms.


So guys, I was literally crying writing this chapter.. :'( Did you all like it? #Loadslove.

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