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Monday morning, another day stuck in the office, patiently waiting for the day to pass and the paperwork to end.

Today however is different to my usual start because this morning when I sat down at my desk there was an envelope.

I open the envelop, reading over the letter enclosed carefully.

Letter- Agent Y/L/N, I don't appreciate being left on the side of the street after you basically jumped me. I took you on a lovely date and I think it would be common decency to take me out on one to equalise the debt. I'll meet you outside your place Monday evening- The 'criminal' you know you love.

If I could roll my eyes harder than I am right now, I seriously would. Kissing her was an awful decision, one I regret entirely and maybe at the time I liked it, but I know for a fact I won't be doing that again.

She doesn't have my address, so I know she's not going to meet me; so instead of taking the letter to Agent Davies I throw it in the trash.

I run my hands over my face groaning lowly at the memory of kissing Natasha. Why the hell did I do that?

Complications and criminals trying to date me is the last thing I need right now. I feel a hand on my back encouraging me to look up.

"Someone's having a bad day." Arlie laughs.

"Yup and its barely even started." I groan.

"I feel like shit." She runs her hands through her hair.

I furrow my brows in confusions "Well you look good so, you're beating me."

She rolls her eyes shaking her head "Thanks but I don't, I look just as shitty as I feel."

Normally I'd say 'mood' or something along those lines, but Arlie looks like if Kristen bell and Mila Kunis had a god child so 'looking like shit' just isn't really something she does.

"Oh please if you look like shit then fuck knows what I look like," I laugh "Anyway what's up with you?"

"I went on a date with Agent Lanford, you know the one with blond hair... third floor," I stare at her blankly "you told me you think he looks like shaggy form scooby doo."

My eyes light up "oh! Shaggy, how'd the date go?"

"Awful, speaking of dates how was yours with the hot criminal?" She jokes.

"How'd you know she's hot?" I ask.

"I saw her mug shot; girl looks good."

My thoughts trail back to the date, the black dress that hugged her perfectly, her hair in flawless waves.

Her soft skin glowing under the lights of the restaurant. Green eyes piercing into my soul as she stared at me, intimidating me in a way I'd never really felt before.

"Earth to Y/N." she waves her hand in front of my face, snapping me out of my daydream.

"Sorry what?"

"How was the date?" she asks.

"Bad, Arlie it was so, so bad." Again, internally cringing at the thought of kissing Natasha.

"How bad could it have been? Watson told me she took you to that new expensive restaurant, she bought you gifts and she's hot."

"We spent the majority of the time arguing and then we kind of chilled out. We spoke about our families and then- wait never mind." I stop myself.

"Then what?" she asks eagerly.

"Nothing, it's not important but none of it matters because she's a criminal and I have no interest in her. She doesn't like me; she just enjoys teasing me." I sigh.

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