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I've been on my suspension a week; Natasha has tried to call me 6 times already. Somehow, yet again, she managed to find my new number.

I answered the first call and hung up the second I realised it was her but now every time I see her number flash on my screen, I turn my phone off.

I hear knocking on the front door.

"One second." I shout as I grab my money out of my bag.

I unlock the door; my eyes meet with Natasha's "I'm not a prostitute you don't have to pay me for sex." She laughs.

"I thought you were the pizza guy... what do you want Natasha?" I groan.

"You've been ignoring my calls. Why? The charges were dropped, that's good news so why are you ignoring me?"

"You got me suspended- I got myself suspended for you!" I correct myself.

"Y/N I'm sorry I had no idea."

"You just had to throw me against the wall." I shake my head at her.

"From what I could see, you seemed to like it."

I grab hold of her jacket pulling her inside "Just get in here before someone sees you."

I shut the door behind her quickly "You just couldn't help but put your hands on me." I roll my eyes.

"I've said it once and I'll say it again, you seemed to like it." She smirks.

Damn that smile.

"Natasha that's not the point, I almost got fired!"

"I know. I know I'm sorry let me make it up to you." she stares at me with puppy-dog eyes.

Damn those eyes.

"Unless you have a plan to get my suspension revoked then there's nothing you can do."

"Let me make you feel better." She walks closer to me, her body now inches from mine.

"Now's not the time, please could you leave." I tell her nicely.

"I'm sorry."

"Please Natasha, go." I ask her again, as nicely as I possibly could.

She gently laces her arms around the back of my neck "you don't want me to go."

It's so hard for me to tell her no when she's so close to me, looking at me the way she is. The way she holds me drives me insane. "I'm mad you, let me be mad at you... leave."

"Make me." She challenges.

"Natasha don't." I warn her.

Our breaths mix as her head falls closer to mine "Kiss me." She whispers, using my own words against me.

A knocking on the door disrupts our moment once again, our eyes flicker from one another and the to the door.

"Fuck." I breathe out against her lips.

Every damn time.

I open the door, pure frustration in my manner.

"What!" I shout at the boy standing in the doorway.

He lifts up the box in his hand "You ordered pizza." He says, stating the obvious.

I take the pizza out of his hands, handing him more money than necessary. I quickly slam the door shut and set the pizza box down on the side.

I'm done with the interruptions.

I grab her hand leading her across the hall to my room "We can eat later."

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