an update

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Hello all!

Thank you everyone who has commented on where they've seen my story, I really appreciate it! I just want to let you all know a few things.

1) the apps that my story were on, iReader, Storyaholic, Novelful, and Storysome, are all under the same blanket company of iReader, which makes sense if you think about it. Why would 4 completely separate apps under different companies each copy my work and have all of them cut up into 70 chapters and all only have the "first 6 chapters" for a free preview? So that explains some things.

2) I have been in contact with a representative of their company and they have been informed that the story was taken without my consent. As of when I checked this morning my story is no longer on any of these apps! Yay!

3) Money. I know some of you are concerned that I was getting no money from these pay walls, and that you thought you were supporting the creator when you were buying these chapters. I made no money, and I will not make any money from this story on this app or any other. They offered to keep the story on their app and start paying me for it, or to keep in their app for free. That's not what I want. I don't want it on another app for free or otherwise. I have a soft spot for Wattpad that I don't want to deviate away from. And this isn't a type of story that I would want to earn money from, I hope you can all understand, or at least respect that. This was a story written by a 15 year old girl between classes and while working in an ice cream parlour in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan during the summer who had a guilty pleasure for reading sexist, toxic werewolf stories and whose biggest support came from a few of her friends who were reading it while she was writing and a few lurkers. She didn't want to make money from this story and neither do I.

4) Continuing forward I would appreciate it if anyone comes across this story anywhere else, either on a different app or on an ad on Facebook or twitter or Instagram, that you would let me know and I will look into it.

5) I'm going to start rereading Ivory and what i have for Obsidian and try to start piecing together what i wanted the plot to be and where I wanted to go. But I just want you all to know that there is basically a blank slate from where Obsidian stopped onward. So if you want any tropes, and I do mean any, please let me know. The og plot line of this story was going to be enemies-to-lovers (or mates as it were) and I still like that idea. But I literally have no notes for what this story was supposed to be, what unnamed mates powers were supposed to be, I do remember what was going to happen to Brettly (or Brattly, take your pick), but any and all ideas are welcome.

Just thought I would let you guys know what's happened. We can only hope that no one else tries to steal this story again, but scumbags will be scumbags so I'm not holding my breath.

I don't know when I'll start writing this again so just keep a casual eye out. I'll probably post an update when I have a few buffer chapters written.

All the best to you all!

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