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“Alright bitches, get down and give me two hundred.”

No one moved, a few people shifted uncomfortably but otherwise it remained still and silent. Apparently no one liked it when I called them bitches, well they were just going to have to get used to it. They were going to be called that until they showed me that they weren’t.

Suddenly a tremor rippled through the crowd and everyone began to look around uneasily. Someone at the back, who seemed to be panicking, yelled over the hushed voices, “Rogues!” The word was whispered through them and the unease heightened.

They obviously didn’t know what they were supposed to do and I wasn’t about to inform them. Kieran was under order not to come and tell them what they had to do unless I gave him the cue. But they should know what to do; everyone should know what to do during a rogue attack. So far their evaluation wasn’t going very good.

With a heavy sigh I folded my hands on the small of my back and widened my stance, which was Kieran’s cue to get his rear in gear. It was pitiful that these people couldn’t figure what to do during a rogue attack, even a child would know what to do.

A minute later he walked, more like ran, out of the house and began to yell orders at his pack, even though the majority of them were from Brettly’s pack. They listened to him and began to run towards the forest.

I watched him in awe; the Kieran I knew would never have been able to do something like that before. And when I saw him at Ivory Sun he didn’t have nearly as much confidence.

He saw me watching him and sent me a flat look. “What?” he asked.

I shook my head and smirked. “Nothing,” I said, “it’s just that you’re different from when you were a few days ago.”

“Good or bad?” he asked with a slight laugh in his tone.

“Good,” I answered, “it’s definitely an improvement. Your mate would be proud of you if that’s what she saw in you.” I began to walk away from him and towards the trees.

“It’snot my mate I’m trying to impress,” he yelled after me, making me pause for a moment and when he didn’t say anything else I walked into the forest only to fall into a hole and begin to whiz through the underground.


I sat in a tree that overlooked a clearing. Devon, Harris, Fillip, Monica and Hank were surrounding the area and the other trainee wolves were on their way towards this very spot.

If I could, I would join in, but there were two very large reasons why I couldn’t. First, it would be unfair towards them because I had far better strength and I might go a little further than I should considering my emotional resentment towards these people. But there was also the fact that Brettly would find me and know the instant that he saw my wolf.

The first few wolves stepped into the clearing, sniffing around cautiously and the remainder of them soon joined. None of the others stepped out yet, which in turn would lull them into a false sense of ease that they wouldn’t attack.

But they will always attack. No matter what or who.

As they began to relax their guard dropped, and that was when I sent the signal. It may not have been fair, but rogues weren’t fair. They picked off the weak and they waited for you to be at your most vulnerable.

Slowly the entered the clearing so that they were surrounded and there was nowhere that they could run to. I could sense the panic ripple through them and how their self-preservation began to kick in. I watched as they aimlessly began to attack the “rogues”, they were going to it with no plan and they weren’t communicating with each other. They were going to get each other killed.

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