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My vision swam with inky blackness that was slightly comforting. I couldn't feel anything, my body was entirely numb from all sensations. It was a nice haven, but the Goddess' words still mulled in my brain.

I still couldn't believe I had met with her. It was every werewolves dream to be placed in her presence. Yet while I was there all I could think about was myself, instead of everything that she had done for me. How could I be so inconsiderate?

Slowly the darkness began to ebb away and I become aware that I was lying on some soft. As foggy as my memory of what happened was, I could have sworn that I had done this outside. Yet I greeted to a soft, warm fabric draped over my body, a soft mattress under my body and the hum of an air conditioner somewhere.

My temples thrummed with pain as did my backside. Whatever was happening to my body it made me uncomfortable. Unconsciously I groaned, tugging the blanket closer under my chin. Something warm and fuzzy was pressing against my legs, sending tendril of soothing comfort across my skin.

“Brooke,” someone’s voice said beside me. I didn’t want to open my eyes, but that annoying voice as adamant that I do. “C’mon, Princess. I know you’re awake, stop being a lazy ass.”

I groaned again, throwing my arm out towards the annoying voice that belonged to my fraternal twin brother. “Go home, ass wipe. Sleeping Ugly needs her sleepy time,” I mumbled into the pillow under my head.

He laughed at me, and I could feel his hand touch the top of my head. “Just open your eyes, sister. You don’t have to stand up, or anything, in fact it’s better if you don’t. You have to recover from… whatever it was that you did,” he stated, his voice laced with concern and I could picture worry creasing his forehead.

Cautiously I began to open them and was greeted with blinding lights that instantly made me close them and stuff my head back into the pillow with a third groan. Don’t get me wrong, I love mornings, it’s just that sudden burst of light that you got when you first open your eyes. Not long after I heard shuffling and the light diminished greatly and not before long the room was at a tolerable level for me to open my eyes without pain.

I looked up as Kieran took a seat in the chair that was placed beside the bed I was in. It wasn’t the room that I was originally in, I think it was one of the ones on the main level. t wasn’t the infirmary, which I would say was good thing or else something would have gone extremely wrong.

He smiled down at me with obvious relief in his green eyes. “And Sleeping Ugly awakes, even without a kiss from her true love.”

I laughed and rolled onto my back, keeping my eyes trained on him. “So, you haven’t found your mate yet?” I asked, genuinely curious.

He smiled dropped a little and sadness replace some of the joy in his eyes. “No,” he answered, lowering his gaze. “But for right now, I don’t think I need her as long as I know you’re safe and alive. As long as I have that I could go the rest of my life mateless and still die happy.”

“I don’t believe you,” I bluntly stated. “No matter how much you think you don’t need her, you will. Your wolf will. And I want nieces and nephews that I can spoil.”

His smile grew while he shook his head, making his gold coloured hair wave in front of his eyes. "What about you? You don't think I want to spoil my nieces and nephews?"

As his words registered my mood dropped and I turned my gaze to the empty cream wall behind his head. I had another mate, but I knew that I would never get to know who he is until Brettly accepts that I rejected him. But I knew better than anyone that it would never happen. He was never someone who gave up easily on something that he wanted.

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