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How many days had it been?

Couldn't tell ya.

How many more did I have to say here?

Your guess was as good as mine.

At some point I had given up hope that I would get out. No one noticed me in my cage. I tried to communicate with people but I got nothing. No one knew where I was. Heck, I didn't even know if they were looking. I knew that Austin would be looking for Natalia, her wolf would have made sure that she was in danger and pregnant. But me? Who knew.

The only good thing that came from being trapped in a cage where you could look out and no one could look in was that you were able to mock them. It didn't take long for me to realise that it was a two-way mirror. The first bimbo that came along with duck lips, too much mascara and what I would consider jean underwear assured me that I was right while she puffed up her platinum blonde extension cover head with her overly long nails and added six more layers of lip gloss onto her mouth.

To say I was grossed out was an understatement. But there were also nose pickers, butt crack scratchers, teeth checkers and whole bunch of others who made themselves look completely ridiculous without even realising they were being watched.

Vlad came back a few times, mostly with food and water. It was never anything that made my mouth water, usually just sandwiches or steaks that I refused to eat. Of course, like everyone else, he looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that I was vegetarian. Now he only brought salads and every time I saw one I was on the brink of ripping his stupid head off. I mean, seriously? I'm a vegetarian, not a rabbit!

A few times he came in just to talk which was... alright. Strange, but alright. I tried to ask him a few time who this he was, but he still wouldn't tell me, saying that I would know soon enough.

Well, I wished soon enough came faster. I swear, if I didn't get out of this cage soon I was going to kill the next person who walked through the door.

Right now I was lying in one rock that was directly under the circle in the roof. It was about noon so the sun was right above me, giving my skin warmth. When it got darker the temperature dropped drastically, so I learned to take in as much warmth during the day as I could.

My eyes were trained on the wolf’s cage, watching as she laid down and tried to sleep. It wasn’t hard to tell that she was protected but I knew that she was far from happy. She secluded herself and even if they were close together, she acted as though they were miles apart. I knew a distressed mate when I saw one, and I hated that it was happening to my closest friend. What I hated most was that there was nothing I was able to do to help her through it. I had to watch helplessly as she struggled, knowing that there would never be anything that I could do.

On my first day, I found out that if I touched the window my fingers were burned. Guess that was the hard way of finding out if they were telling the truth. I haven’t touched it since, but the thought had crossed my mind. But I wasn’t stupid enough to attempt suicide. Besides, I probably wouldn’t succeed anyways. Stupid rogues would probably find some way to bring me back to life.

I heard the door open, but didn't look up as they approached. There were about four people, all with accompanying loud footsteps.

"Brooke," Vlad's deep voice called. This time I did turn my head and he had his usual plate of rabbit shit in his hands. But he had his other hand hidden from my view behind his back. He walked up to me, his posse staying at the door trying to look intimidating. "I know that you stick to a strict rabbit food diet, but I need you eat this."

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