The crush (pt.1)

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Well as you can see by now I'm taking a "The Amazing World Of Gumball" like style for the chapter titles. That's all I wanted to say onto the chapter

Your pov

I wake up and feel something soft and squishy on my face. I poked it with my hand, it felt like a stress ball with fabric over it. I grabbed a bit of it and squeezed, I heard a moan.

I open my eyes and see that I was touching Maki's boob and she was awake. My face turns into a volcano and I start to foam at the mouth untill I pass out.

Maki pov

I felt something touching my boob and I opened my eyes and saw that (y/n) was the culprit. I wanted to stop him but something inside me didn't want too. So I just watched a he continually groped me untill he squeezed my boob a bit hard and I moaned.

He sat up and then immediately passed out from what I presume embarrassment. Jeez he's even foaming at the mouth.

I just pick him up and lay him back down on me and put his head on my chest as a makeshift pillow.

Me: I guess you can stay here a bit.

I just turned on the TV and watched "Queens 88" while I waited for him to wake up again.

Me: 'that was kinda funny, he even foamed at the mouth. But it did feel good though... Wait no Maki! Bad thoughts! Bad Maki!'

I felt something rub on my chest and see (y/n) snuggled into my chest. I blushed but covered my mouth, I couldn't make a noise cause I'd wake him up.

I saw him stir and then open his eyes.

Me: hey sleepy head, how's it hangin'

(y/n): what happened?

Me: you groped me on accident and the passed out from embarrassment.

(y/n): oh my god I am so sorry! I understand stand if you don't want to be friends anymore!

Me: pfft hahaha, you over react so much. It's fine, you didn't know that you were actually groping me. -also I kinda liked it- (-text- will be whispering).

(y/n): what was that last part?

Me: nothing!

We just got up and went to my room.

Me: what do you wanna do?

(y/n): hm... Super Smash Bros.(in a world where every thing is changed do to copyright except video games)

Me: oh, guess I'll have to kick your ass with sora(sora was the 420th word).

(y/n): I'd like to see you try, last time I fucked your shit with piranha, I'ma do it again.

We laughed and we fought valiantly untill (y/n) came out on top. He was right, he rekt my shit with piranha on final destination, 5 stocks.

I had plans to go to the cafe with Yoshi and sakura. (y/n) said he'll stay at the house. I said goodbye and went to the cafe.

I sat down with Yoshi and Sakura.

Me: so how's it goin'?

S: good! How are you and (y/n), have you kissed yet?

Y: kiss!

Me: w-what n-no, stop i-it with that shit you know it's not like that.

S: I'm just curious, you seem to be close with him.

Y: yeah!

Me: Sakuraaaaa.

I just laid my head on the table in defeat. Sakura patted my head and chuckled.

S: you can't hid your feelings forever.

Me: I know.

S: then confess, I'm sure he likes you back.

Me: It's more complicated than that Sakura. I feel like It'll ruin my friendship with him if I do, what if I ruin my friendship with you guys.

S: it's fine, we know that you're worried but you need to just go for it. It's like a leap of faith.

Y: go for it!

Me: I... Guess you're right. I'll try to confess this week since school is canceled this week.

S: that's the spirit! Now we should probably get some food and drinks.

Yoshi and I nod and we order food.

Me: I wonder how (y/n)'s doing on his own?

S & Y: yeah.

Your pov

I laid in Maki's bed and just stared at the ceiling.

Me: oh god, how do I tell Maki how I feel. I wish Sakura was here, she knows how to make someone feel better in these types of situations.

I'm still on the fence about telling Maki how I feel. She would probably hate me if I do, or maybe pity me so much and force herself into a relationship she doesn't want.

I'll just sleep on it. I close my eyes and drift off into a nap.

Time skip Maki pov

I get home and (y/n) is on the couch looking at me. Ok, time to do this.

I walk twords him as he stands up and walk twords me.

Chapter end (whaaaa a cliff hanger oh nooooo, who could have seen this coming. Don't worry I'll update it tomorrow... Hopefully)

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