the confession (pt.2)

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3rd person pov

(y/n) and Maki made their way twords each other as they both sighed.

Maki: 'you just gotta confess'

(y/n): 'its so simple'

Both: 'you can do this (y/n)/Maki'

They stopped when they were only a foot apart.

Both: I have something to say!

(y/n): o-oh.

Maki: this is awkward.

(y/n): y-you go first

Maki: no I think you should.

(y/n): then let's say it at the same time.

Maki: um... Sure.

(y/n): on 3. 1. 2. 3!

Both: I like you!

Both of them were now in blushing fits

(y/n): i-i-i

Maki: u-um

After a bit they both calmed down.

Maki: so uuuuh. You like me?

(y/n): yeah, I like you, well more I like like you.

Maki: oh well, I like like you too.

(y/n): th-thanks... Does this mean...

Maki: I guess.




(y/n) hugged Maki.

(y/n): I'm... Glad the feeling is mutual.

Maki: same here.

Maki raised her head up and kissed (y/n) on the cheek. Which intern-

(y/n):.............*passes out*


Maki: pfft, your such a virgin-

Maki was stopped at the thought of her losing her virginity to him and the other way around.

Maki: nope, bad thoughts Maki, baaaaad thoughts.

She smacked her head a couple time and then dragged the still passed out (y/n) into her room and onto her bed.

Maki: let's get you somewhere comfy ya big doofus.

She laid on top of him and quickly fell asleep.

Welp, there is the conclusion of this... Arc? Maybe, idk. It was basically just a part 2 of the last chapter.

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