Not Waving

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After the last bell on Tuesday, you walked out of school to find Oshiro bullying Hinata over by the front fountain while her followers looked on.

School had barely been let out, but Oshiro was already dressed down to her civvies. She sported a silver-studded black leather jacket, a blood-red tank top, and skin-tight black jeans. Her feet were encased in black leather boots. She had all her silver ear and facial piercings back in.

She stood proud and tall, well over six foot, holding a book out of the reach of poor, little Hinata, who was at least a foot shorter and had no hope of grasping it.

"Whatcha reading, Hinata?" Oshiro made no attempt to actually read the back cover of the book. Instead, she dangled it just within attainable distance and then proceeded to lift it away again when Hinata hopped up to reach it.

"Please give it back, Oshiro!"

"Oooh, is it another one of your bodice-rippers?"

"Don't call them that! They're deep and involved fantasy worlds with-"

"They're porn written by people who've never had sex before," Oshiro drawled in a monotone voice.

All of the beastly boys she'd been having lunch with were looking on, snickering to themselves as they smoked their cigarettes. They would get detention if any of the teachers caught them, but these were boys who were more frequently in detention than out of it.

"Give it back," you said once you reached hearing distance.

Oshiro turned to look at you with a meanspirited smile. "Well, look who it is! Minoru's latest little princess! Now, didn't I tell you not to talk to me?"

"Give. It. Back," you repeated, getting right up in her space with your arms crossed.

"What? Not even a please?" She tut-tutted with a shake of her head. "Minoru must not have signed you up for etiquette classes yet. Fine, if you insist."

Then Oshiro turned to Hinata and ripped the book in half. Length-wise, down the center of the pages. You had heard stories of people ripping phonebooks in half, but you'd never actually seen someone do it.

From an outside perspective, it was an impressive display of strength and cruelty. On the inside, it made your blood boil.

Hinata let out a shriek as if she'd been ripped in half. It dissolved into a wail. You rushed to her side, did your best to comfort her.

Hinata loved books, saw them as something sacred. She was always careful not to dogear pages or crease spines. Seeing a book completely destroyed like that must have broken her spirit a little.

It was a good thing she had an extra copy safe at home, or she would have been completely inconsolable.

Oshiro threw the book down at Hinata's feet. "Hope it wasn't a library book. Might need to take the L on that one."

"You're such a bitch, Oshiro," you snapped at her. You don't know where you got the courage. You never stood up to bullies in your previous life, and this was a possible murderer you were insulting.

And you paid for it.

"I'm the bitch?" She scoffed softly. Then her volume dramatically increased. "You're the bitch here! You think you can just worm your way into all of our lives without any consequences? Hinata may not know what you are, but I do. You're a user!"

Her words struck a chord with you. You were in fact using your new-found friends in order to ensure your own survival. Did that make it okay?

Oshiro didn't give you time to let her insults sink in, however. As soon as the realization dawned on you that she was right, she picked you up as if you were a stone and threw you into the school fountain.

It only took you seconds to resurface, wipe the water from your face and eyes, but the humiliation lingered on and on.

One of the onlookers wolf-whistled, and you realized your white blouse was completely soaked through, revealing your bra to everyone in attendance. With a blush, you quickly grabbed the lapels of your blazer and pulled it tight around you.

Then you remembered the bookbag still hanging from your elbow and looked down to find it full of water, your pens and pencils floating to the top. There went your phone and all the notes you had taken so far this year.

Furious, you childishly splashed Oshiro. You quickly realized your mistake, but it was too late. She looked down at the water clinging to the surface of her leather jacket in disbelief before staring at you with eyes like a shark.

"Oh, you're so dead," Oshiro chuckled without one bit of humor in her voice.

You had just enough time to take a shallow breath in. Then she dunked you back underwater by your head and held you there. You did your best to struggle against her grip, clawing at her arms, but she left you no wiggle room.

Just as your air supply ran out and you were forced to breathe in water... The blurry image of Minoru appeared over Oshiro's shoulder, and she released you.

You don't know what would have happened if Minoru hadn't arrived in time. Would Oshiro have actually killed you, even without the main character instigating it?

You lurched to the surface, gasping for air and coughing up the water you had inhaled.

Minoru filled your view, gently shushing you, repeating, "Everything's okay." You weren't so sure. You almost died, after all.

You clung to her like a life preserver, glaring at Oshiro over her shoulder. "You could have killed me!" You shouted at her as she walked away from the scene of the crime.

"Yeah, and you're lucky I didn't," she replied, not bothering to look back as she returned to her male counterparts.

Minoru helped you out of the fountain as the group left to make trouble elsewhere. Hinata stood off to the side, still crying but now, presumably, for your sake.

Then Minoru gathered the both of you up in her arms, despite you being drenched and Hinata's face being a mess of snot and tears. "My poor girls..." She sighed sorrowfully. "Let's go get you cleaned up."

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