3K✩ Special - Slumber Party

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"We're having a slumber party at my house this weekend," Minoru announced at lunch one day.

You stopped inhaling your lunch long enough to listen. It sounded like she was declaring a new national holiday. And she might as well have been, given Kimiko's reaction.

"Yeees!" Kimiko bellowed, before pounding her fists on the table repeatedly, making everyone's bento boxes shift around the surface. "Slum-ber par-ty! Slum-ber par-ty!"

"Minoru, are you sure that's a good idea?" Oshiro asked with a wince. If you didn't know any better, you'd say she didn't want to go.

"All my ideas are good ideas, Oshiro. Need I remind you who talked you out of piercing your own-"

Oshiro lunged across the table to seal one gigantic palm across Minoru's mouth. "Haha! Shut up. Aina doesn't need to know about that."

You didn't know what Oshiro tried to pierce, but it must have been something pretty embarrassing because this was the first time you'd ever seen her really blush. Kimiko was snickering and even Hinata was hiding a smile behind her hand. Obviously you were the only one not in on the joke. As usual.

You couldn't really be bitter about it. They'd been friends since middle school, after all. You only entered their clique at the beginning of senior year in high school.

Kimiko did her best to help you feel included, though. She slung an arm around your shoulders and pulled you in close to her side. "You'll love our little slumber parties, Aina," she whispered right into your ear, causing you to shiver. "You name it, we've done it! Dance, paint each other's nails, DIY sushi, spin the bottle, cu-"

"That was one time, and we promised not to talk about it!" Hinata cried, already looking tearful. Oshiro reached toward her, pausing with a frown when Hinata flinched back, before slowly reaching out again to pat her back soothingly.

"There, there," Oshiro said, obviously not used to being the group's comforting presence. That was usually Minoru's job.

"It's settled then!" Minoru sighed, clapping her hands together once before looking everyone around the table in the eye. "Everyone, come over to my house by six PM."


So you showed up at the foot of Minoru's mansion at exactly six. It was already dark outside.

You'd walked there, which was an impressive feat with your haul. This was your first slumber party with all your new friends. You didn't know what you should bring and what would be provided, so you packed as if you would be camping for the weekend. Sleeping bag and all.

"You're late," Minoru said, opening the door the moment you set foot on the front porch. She was already dressed in her pajamas, a long white nightgown that made her look like a doll meant for display only. She was holding something, half hidden by the door.

"What do you mean?" You asked incredulously. "It's six."

"No, it's six oh-three. We've been waiting for you. And what are you carrying? Are you planning on moving in?" She didn't seem as put off by the idea that you might suddenly decide to live with her without even asking first as you felt someone should be.

"Uh, no."

"Oh..." She sounded almost disappointed. Maybe you were just hearing things, though. She handed you the tall glass of carbonated purple liquid she had been holding. "Drink this, and I'll let you in."

"What's in it?" You asked, looking at the cup with suspicion.

"Sprite, Jolly Ranchers, and purple food coloring," she listed off, holding up a finger for each ingredient.

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