Nighttime Visitor - Oshiro Kyou

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There were a number of ways you didn't want to be woken up. For example, velociraptors eating your toes because you left the door ajar. Or demons dragging you to hell because some part of you wasn't covered with a blanket.

But, of the realistic options, someone throwing a rock through your bedroom window was up there.

You jerked awake, alarmed by the sound of breaking glass. You waited in bed, trying to make out any movement in the darkness surrounding your bed. When you saw nothing, you hesitantly swung your legs out of bed and padded over to the window in your slippers.

Lo and behold, there was Oshiro standing at the foot of your window, her piercings shining in the pale moonlight. Your mouth fell open in shock. How did she know where you lived? How did she know which window was yours?!

"Hey, princess! Come let me in before your neighbor calls the cops," she whisper-yelled, hands casually stuffed into the pockets of her signature leather jacket.

The right thing to do would be for you to call the police. A bully from school just vandalized your house. But that wouldn't be the friendly thing to do, now would it? You needed this girl to like you as much as you hated her.

You tip-toed past Aina's parents' room and downstairs. By the time you reached the front door, Oshiro was standing right there, underneath the flickering porch light. The sight scared the bejesus out of you. You felt like the stupid sister of the three little pigs, just opening the door for the big bad wolf to waltz right inside.

You waited too long to invite her in properly. She pushed the door open with one massive foot and walked right past you into your home.

She looked around in the dark for a moment before turning to you. Her eyes shined like glass in the dim lighting. "Take me to your room, baby." Her voice was too husky for the sexual innuendo to not have been deliberate.

What else were you going to do, though? You'd already let her in your house. Your parents would eventually hear you if you kept talking in the entrance way.

So you led her to your bedroom.

Glass crunched under her leather boots as she walked across your room. You thought she was going to sit on your bed, but instead she pulled out the chair from your desk and straddled the back of it.

"We need to talk," she said in a quiet voice.

"Is there any reason we couldn't talk at school?" You asked, trying to sound more annoyed than frightened. Your voice, high and shrill as nails on a chalkboard, betrayed you.

Was she coming to finish what she started that day at the fountain?

Oshiro had always been your biggest suspect in Aina's murder. Anger issues and ungodly strength were a recipe for disaster. If she was rough with the one she "loved," you could only imagine what she could do to someone she hated.

"Yeah, because I don't want what we talk about getting back to Minoru or any of her minions. This place is safe. For now, that is."

That for now was not comforting.

"How did you find my house?"


"How did you find my window?"

"Also Hinata."

You frowned. On the days Minoru, or rather her chauffeur, didn't drive you and Hinata home, you walked home with Hinata. With Hinata by your side, you didn't feel that pressing paranoia that you were being followed.

That explained how she knew your address. How in the world did she know where your bedroom window was? Why did she share that information with Oshiro? Did Oshiro hurt her to get it?

"Relax, I didn't hurt her. I just scared her a bit, that's all. I'm not a monster." She leered at you in the dark, as if insulted you thought her a bigger bully than she actually was.

"What's it gonna take for you to leave our friend group?"

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