[13] her phone

396 19 48

This phone belongs to Bae Nabi. If this is lost, please return it to 143 [street name], Seoul, South Korea. Thanks!

The boy rolled his eyes at the note. "Of course I'll return it, sweetheart. Just after I make sure you're not flirting with anyone except me," he muttered, scrolling through her phone. It was pretty dumb of Nabi to forget her phone unlocked on the cafeteria table, but it was the perfect opportunity for the boy in dark clothes to look through it.

He clicked on the first contact.

Innie 🍞
so uh
me and seungmin
decided to enter the talent show thing
and uh
he offered that we practice in the recording studio
that's in his house
and he lives alone
so uh

hyunjin offered to walk u
r u ok w/ that

Bibi 🦋
hehe alr bro
lmk if anything happens 👀

Innie 🍞
that's so mean
why would u assume smt is gonna happen

Bibi 🦋
bc u like him sweetie
now spill
what happened

Innie 🍞
absolutely nothing.

Bibi 🦋
it's alr buddy
keep trying
when's the next time u guys hang out?

Innie 🍞
gotta go
love u bye

The boy scoffed at the last text. "Love you?" He rolled his eyes. "Fuck off, dumbass. She's mine." He scrolled to the next contact.

Mino 🐱
sup bbg
when's our first session?

Bibi 🦋
where'd u get my number from bro
actually nvm i don't wanna know
how abt later today?

Mino 🐱
do u wanna come to my place?

Bibi 🦋

Mino 🐱
to STUDY u dirty minded kid
if it helps, my parents will be home

Bibi 🦋
Is it walking distance?

Mino 🐱
lol yeah
i'll pick u up from ur last class
u have math right? with han?

Bibi 🦋

Mino 🐱
k see u then

The short boy's blood boiled. Nabi was going to his house? That wasn't okay. What if he tried to make a move on her? This bitch. Who did she think she was, going to the house of a random guy? She was such a slut.

The boy moved on to the next contact.

Channie 🤭
ik i've said this before but
tysm for last night

Bibi 🦋
dude stop thanking me
its what friends do

Channie 🤭
normal friends don't stay with each other all night
maybe we're
fRiEnDs WiTh BeNiFiTs

Bibi 🦋
please chan.
respectfully, stfu.

Channie 🤭

Bibi 🦋
you have 5 seconds to get off ur phone and pay attention to ur class
before i kill u

Channie 🤭
i'm going
bye :)

The boy's blood boiled even more. Nabi was meeting up with Minho after spending the night with Chan? She really was a whore! How could she cheat on me?

Fuck her.

Yes... that's what I'll do soon enough.


A/N: Ahhh I'm so good guys 💪💪 Double update!! Who do you think our mystery stalker is? And even better... who do you think has feelings for Nabi? Hmm I'm not really sure...

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