[00] bonus chapter: 3k special part 3

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The girl paused for a moment as she put her things away, too. "Why do you like me?" She finally asked. The question had been weighing her down since the two had joined SNU, ever since she had heard the other girls fangirl over Hyunjin's idol-like visuals and angel-like personality. She couldn't stop thinking, what if he finds someone better than me?

There was a moment of silence where Hyunjin stood up from his stool before making his way over to his girlfriend— the love of his life. He didn't look at her painting, knowing that she would be angry if he did. Instead, he sat on the edge of the stool. When the girl stumbled a bit at the sudden imbalance of the chair, he caught her quickly, helping her sit comfortably again, this time, on his lap.

"Nabi," he started seriously, the only time he would use her legal name. "I love you," he confessed, as he had done many times in the past. "I love the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you smile, the way you say my name. I love every fucking part of you in ways I can barely understand myself."

The girl's eyes moistened at his sudden confession and she smiled slightly, but her boyfriend wasn't done yet.

"I love you more than anything in the whole wide world. Fuck, I'd even eat an eggplant for you!" He exclaimed, trying to make it clear how much he loved her. "I would do absolutely anything for you, I'd literally—"

And then Nabi kissed him.

She kissed him like she never would again, and he kissed her back. He conveyed all his emotions, all his unsaid words through it, knowing that with his love, his blank canvas had been painting.

She had coloured his life, and he hoped he coloured hers, too.

When they both finally pulled away from the heated makeout session, some of Nabi's lip gloss had stuck to the corner of Hyunjin's lip, and his hair looked like a bird's nest. The girl laughed slightly as she wiped the gloss off his lips with her thumb, and fixed his hair. In any other situation, she would have been scared of falling off the small ass stool, but with Hyunjin's warm hands placed on her lower back, she felt safe.

He would protect her.


"Do you wanna see my painting now?" She asked quietly. When Hyunjin nodded, she slowly got off his lap and covered his eyes with her hands. Once he was facing the canvas, she uncovered his eyes and he gasped.

"Are those... my eyes?" Hyunjin asked, his voice thick and tears building up in his throat.

Nabi nodded, confused as to why he was crying. "Yeah," she replied. "But... why are you crying?"

"Why'd you draw them?"

"They're beautiful," she told him. "Your eyes remind me of the clear night sky on an autumn evening. It's specific, I know, but—"

This time, she was interrupted with a kiss. It was shorter than the other ones, and when her boyfriend pulled away, his eyes were glistening. "Painting someone's eyes means seeing them. It means you truly, truly, truly see me." He hugged her, not caring whether there was paint all over her sweater. "I love you."

Nabi hugged him back, pleased with her art skills. "I love you, too. Can I see yours now?"

Hyunjin nodded, stepping away from her. He made her sit down on the stool before walking over to his painting. He picked it up, but didn't turn it around just yet. Instead, he walked closer to her before speaking.

"Bae Nabi," he started. "From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I've loved you. I don't think there's ever been a moment that I've thought, I should get over her. Not when I kept getting rejected. Not when you seemed to care about other people more than me. I love you, and I love being in love with you. And ever since the moment we moved in together, I can't stop imagining what it'll be like when we're older. When we'll have mini-me's and mini-you's running around the house, screaming because you're forcing them to eat their vegetables."

He paused for a moment and laughed before continuing. "I can't stop imagining what our house will be like, when we decide to buy one to fit us and our kids. I can't stop searching up baby names. Up until two days ago, I couldn't stop searing for a ring"— Nabi gasped, realizing where this was going— "and up until a day ago, I couldn't stop searching for Mark and Lia's approval, which I got, by the way. And up until this morning, I couldn't stop searching up ways to propose to the love of my life, but let me tell you, Google sucks at this romance shit. And I do, too. But I want to get better... with you. I want to grow old with you, and I want to make fun of our kids together."

By now, Nabi was trying to blink back happy tears and the both had the dumbest grins on their faces. Her boyfriend turned around his painting, and it was the girl's last straw. Tears started falling down her face, and she tried to wipe them away, but it wasn't working. It was beautiful.

The painting was a wedding altar, with Hyunjin and Nabi standing across from each other. She could make out the faces of all their friends, Hyunjin's family, and Mark and Lia in the crowd, and she could have sworn that Chan was the priest.

She was so distracted by the painting that she hadn't noticed Hyunjin get on one knee in front of her, pulling out the most gorgeous diamond ring ever. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't small either. It was just right.

Just like them.

"Bae Nabi... will you be mine forever?" Hyunjin finally asked, and Nabi practically jumped onto him, hugging him as tightly as she could.

"Yes, Hwang Hyunjin, I will be yours. I always was." 


A/N: SURPRISE!! This was the plot twist I was talking about— I'm sure most of you guys expected just a cute date, but nope! This was a flashback to Hyunjin's proposal, and me personally, if a guy did this for me I'd cry and then marry him on the spot. I'm sorry if it's crap, though, I kinda suck at writing confessions 😭

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