Chapter two

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Harry POV

"Draco!" I call. "Draco I can't see you!"

"I know! It's pretty cool, right?" Suddenly the small blonde boy appears from no where, a cloak in his hand. "It's only a fake, though. Dad couldn't manage to get his hands on a real invisibility cloak!"

"Imagine if he had! That would be so cool!"




"Do you think we're mates?"

"I know we're mates, Ko."

"I know we're mates too. Do you want to be my mate, Dray?"

"Definitely." I smile.

"I definitely want to be your mate too." I pull him into a hug.

I wake up smiling. Dammit. Every since I found out Draco was Kovus' mate every dream was more clear. And every time there's something intimate, like hugging, I wake up smiling. As if I like hugging Draco. Malfoy! I meant Malfoy. Sure you did, Harry.

"You okay, Harry?" I hear a voice ask.

"Yeah, Ron I'm fine."

"Well let's go down to breakfast. I'm starving!" I roll my eyes.

"Of course you are." We find Hermione in the common room and walk down to breakfast together. Me and Ron sit side by side, opposite Ginny and Hermione.

Half way through breakfast, I notice Dra-Malfoy walk in and sit facing me at the Slytherin table. His eyes are slightly red and glint with sadness. He doesn't eat anything, but nobody seems to notice. Nobody even seems to acknowledge him. I catch his eye and I see the despair in them. It makes me sad. He gets up and I excuse myself, saying I have to go to the bathroom. I catch up with him in a corridor.

"Hey, wait up." He turns.

"What do you want Potter?" I don't miss the tear he wipes away.

"I just wanted to check you were okay."

"I'm fine."

"Dray, you're not fine." First I was calling him by his first name, but now I'm calling him nicknames? This has gone too far.

He seems to start at the name, then a year rolls freely down his check.

"Kovus used to call me that," he whispers.

"I'm sorry," I say. I wrap my arms around him. As I do I feel a part of the hole disappearing. But I would never admit that to him. Poor Draco. He's a good guy, he shouldn't have to be on the wrong side.

"Why are you on Voldemort's side, Draco?"

"Tom? He's not a bad guy, really. Dumbledore just makes everyone hate him. Dumbledore's the evil one. He took Kovus away. In fact, Kovus was Tom's son." I pull away.


"Shit. I shouldn't have told you that. Can you just, forget what I said?" I'll try, but honestly, I don't think I can. Kovus is Voldemort's son? But he acts so caring in my dreams... Perhaps Draco is right. Maybe Voldemort's not the evil one...

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