Chapter six

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Draco POV

I'm so happy. Happier than I've ever been in my entire life. I have Kovus back- my mate back. I've missed him so much. And now he's lying in my arms with his head buried in my chest. I just hope he isn't a dream.

I wake up with a smile on my face. My arm is numb. For a second I'm confused, but then I open my eyes and see Kovus in my arms and I remember everything.

I edge my arm out from underneath him, keeping him close to me. I really look at him. He's totally and utterly gorgeous. He has long hair like the night that flows around his face. His skin is pale like snow, and soft like it too. I'm scared if I touch him for too long he'll melt away. He's tall, but not quite as tall as me. I like that, it means I can protect him easier. Behind his shut eyelids are the two singular things I love most about him- his eyes. They're awesome. Not the kind of awesome that's just 'cool', the kind of awesome that makes your jaw drop and your ability to speak run away and hide. They're a light blue, like icicles, with a tinge of purple. Perfect.

I notice that his breathing has become irregular, that he's awake, so I kiss his forehead gently. But then his hand is at the back of my neck and I pulled downwards, so my lips are on his. First I'm startled, but then my eyes flutter closed and I begin to kiss back. Our lips are moving in sinc. Then he bites my lip softly- not hard enough to hurt but enough to make me moan. I run my tongue along his bottom lip and he gasps, his mouth opening enough for me to insert my tongue. After what seems like a lifetime, we pull away. He begins to place kisses down my neck and I turn my head to give him more room.

I hear the doorbell ring and someone walking to answer it, but I don't pay attention when Kovus begins to suck slightly, probably leaving a rather large hickey. I moan, and his lips are on mine again, in a passionate kiss.

"Dray!" a voice yells and the door is flung open. Kovus yelps and falls off the bed. I laugh and turn to see Sophie and Jess. Jess has her hand over her mouth, and Sophie's giggling. "Who was that?" she asks.

"Nobody told you?"

"What? Your mum answered the door and said to go upstairs to your room because there was a surprise," Sophie says.

I turn to see Kovus' head hovering on the other side of the bed.

"K-Kovus?" Jess asks. Ko grins and nods.

"Hi Jess. Hi Sophie." The girls shriek and run around the other side of the bed. They engulf him in a hug which I can honestly say would have suffocated me. "Can't... Breathe..."

"Hey get off my mate!" I mock-yell, grinning.

"I can't believe you're back!" Jess says. They release him, and Sophie proceeds to smack him.

"Hey! What was that for?" Ko pouts, rubbing his arm.

"Where do you think you've been? We've all been worried sick!"

"Jesus, Soph, you sound like..."

"Sound like who?"

"Don't worry. Nobody you'll know."

"We really missed you, Ko."

"I missed you guys too." At that moment Laure walks in.

"Hey!" She says. "Don't I get to say hi?" Sophie and Jess giggle and tackle her in a hug. I glance at Kovus. He seems almost sad.

"You won't believe what we walked in on Laure!"

"Whats that?"

"These two were making out!"

"I say!" Laure smirks at me. "And you interrupted them? How rude!"

"I know! We both feel very selfish, don't we, Jess?"

"Very selfish," Jess agrees.

"Well," concludes Laure. "I believe that we should leave these two to it." She giggles. "Come on, let's go to my room." The girls bounce away, practically skipping, closing the door behind them.

I look at Ko. He smiles, but a sad smile.

"Are you okay, Ko?" I climb onto the bed and pull him onto my lap.


"No you're not. What's up?"

"Do you think... Do you think that Ron and Hermione were just pretending to be my friends?"

"Maybe. But maybe not. I don't really know, Ko." I kiss his head. "But if they were, then they didn't deserve to be your friends anyway." Kovus smiles.

"Thanks, Dray."

"No problem. Now come on, let's go and talk to your dad."

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